Gorgeous Surprise Proposal in Hawaii

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How they met: Chris and Toni met on a leadership team for a one dar free medical, dental, and resource clinic in Portland called Downtown compassion. Downtown compassion serves the homeless, low income, underinsured, or uninsured. Toni had served before with downtown compassion and it was her second year on leadership and Chris’s first year at the event.

Chris swears he had seen Toni before while serving with nightstrike under the burnside bridge, and was interested right away. But it took fate to bring them together as Chris filled in at a leadership meeting for his pastor and boss Ranjy Thomas. At the meeting Chris quickly volunteered to make a video for the event to help recruit volunteers. He requested someone who had participated in the event previously, is well spoken, outgoing, and attractive as the face of the video. With the minority of the leadership team under the age of 30, Chris knew that Toni would be volunteered for the position, to which she accepted. Chris then went on to volunteer himself as a counter part in the video so there is a male and female perspective.

how they asked: Chris proposed to Toni on the last day of her week long family vacation in Hawaii. Toni tried convincing Chris to join the family even while in Hawaii, explaining that they had multiple rental cars and an apartment in the resort they were staying at with plenty of room for him. However, Chris had a very busy week full of work projects and late nights. When Toni finally gave up hope that Chris would join them in paradise, he was landing in Hawaii unbeknownst to her.

The next morning Toni stayed back at the hotel to soak up some last minute rays while the rest of the family went out to breakfast with Chris to plan the final details of the proposal. At 6:00 pm Toni and her family went to see the lantern festival on the beach for the Chinese New Year. Toni LOVES chinese lanterns and Chris used them to lure her in and set the stage….

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Video by Crary Films (if you want to see a really beautiful bride they just shot – check out this recent wedding video of theirs).