Katie Anne and Phil's Gorgeous Proposal Video

RJJ-0070How we met: Phil and I met in the medical ICU at the Cleveland Clinic. He was a Respiratory Therapist at the time and I was a Registered Nurse.

We first met when Phil saw my Ohio State nursing bag which sparked a conversation from Phil because he went there too.

It was a brief introduction and we went about our lives because we were both dating other people at that time.

A year after this, we were both single and it was November 2012 when I saw Phil walking down the unit at work and I stopped to ask him if he was going to the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game that coming weekend. I didn’t even remember his name but I some how remembered the Ohio State connection! (Thank Goodness!) Little did I know that this initial conversation would lead me to my future husband! I sought out Phil as a friend, we grew so close finding out similarities we had through Church, our families, Ohio State and the medical field.

We were both accepted to go back to school for our Masters and Phil is now a Cardiopulmonary Perfusionist and I am in school to be a Nurse Anesthetist. We became best friends fast and I admired how open, compassionate and enthusiastic Phil was as a person. He had other motives than “just friends” and after about 2 months he asked me out on our first date. I was so nervous, but luckily we both love talking and communication is just so easy with him. We became official Jan 26, 2013 and I have been head over heels ever since!”

How I asked: When I sat down with Preface, we went over every detail that would mean the most to Katie Anne. I knew I wanted an intimate dinner for two, and somehow have a sunset involved because Katie Anne LOVES sunsets. Everywhere we went, if there was a sunset or sunrise, she had to stop and take a picture.

Gorgeous Proposal Video

I also wanted a piano player because I remember one time when we were talking, Katie Anne told me that a solo piano player is “so romantic”. We worked for a couple of months, looking for the perfect location, music ideas, timing, schedules, and I even had Preface create a fake event because I knew I couldn’t surprise her if she didn’t already believe that there was an event scheduled.

Katie Anne and I got dressed for our “evening out” and went to the pier overlooking Lake Erie. As we walked down the path, she noticed that there were pictures hanging on strings of lights.

Gorgeous Proposal Video


As soon as she saw that they were photographs of us and heard one of our favorite songs, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, being played by a piano player, she lost it. I took her over beyond the dinner table prepared for us, and we danced as the sun set in the distance.

As the song ended, I got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me. She said yes. She kissed me. She smiled. She laughed.

Gorgeous Proposal Video Marriage Proposal Video RJJ-0090_Edited

Everyone watching cheered as we embraced.


We then sat down and had one of the best meals of our lives. Afterwards we went to my parents house where there was a surprise party of our close friends and family. We celebrated with everyone and had one of the most memorable evenings of our relationship.


Photo, video and planning by Our Preface.