Breanna and Nigel's Gorgeous Proposal Video Santorini

Gorgeous Proposal Video Santorini

How We Met: In a classroom- Nigel was the School Resource Officer at the time, and I was a student teacher in Lion’s Head, where I grew up. It was the last day of my practicum, and the students were having a party for me, and in walked Nigel, because part of his job was having a presence in the schools. I was struck, like a light had just walked into the room. I remember him throwing popcorn in the air and catching it in his mouth to entertain the kids.

We eventually talked a bit and everything just clicked. After he left, some of the girls in the class asked, “So, what colour of roses do you want at your wedding?” I asked around to get his name, but that was all I knew. Several months went by, and someone told me that one of the police officers had asked her brother about me and if he knew who I was. I confided in one of my friends who was visiting from out of town, and we decided that if his vehicle was parked at his work when we drove by, I would leave a ‘business’ card with my number on his windshield.

If his vehicle wasn’t there, we decided it wasn’t meant to be. On our way driving, we passed 2 police cars (little did I know, he was in one of them, and noticed my Jeep), and when we got to his work, my friend ran out and put the card on his windshield. A few days later, he texted, “Nice card.” A few months after that, we started dating.

how they asked: I had been in Spain cycling the Camino de Santiago with my sister, but we had decided that after that trip, Nigel would fly to Greece to meet me to vacation on the Greek Islands. We had rented a scooter that day, and on this 80cc scooter, drove up to Oia, to have dinner and see the sunset (which is apparently one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world). We had walked to try to see the sunset, but it was so busy, we decided to find a quieter avenue.

I randomly turned down one of the alleys, which led to a perfect view of the caldera and yes, the sunset. There were a few other people who had also found this gem, and I insisted we follow suit, and get someone to take our picture there as well. Nigel handed my phone to someone to take a photo, and as I was getting ready, he turned me towards him.

At first I was confused, but then I saw tears in his eyes, and he asked me to marry him.

Gorgeous Proposal Video Santorini

Little did I know, he had put the ring in a floss container (in case I had looked in his backpack), and had brought it to propose at the perfect moment. It couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Gorgeous Proposal Video Santorini


Gorgeous Proposal Video Santorini

Here’s the video: