Chris and Quyen's Gorgeous Maui Proposal

Chris and Queyen Maui Proposal (4)How We Met: I met Quyen a little over 8 years while attending Santa Clara University during undergrad. I remember the first time I saw Quyen – during a meeting for a business organization we were both a part of. Quyen was on the executive board for this campus club and I was immediately captivated and intrigued by her as she took control of the meeting with her rather distinctive “news-anchor” worthy voice. At that point I knew that I had to introduce myself and get to know her.

Quyen meanwhile hardly noticed me that day. I had just transferred from the University of Arizona and only caught her eye because I was “new” to the club.

Nonetheless, I was not to be dissuaded and decided the best way to get to know Quyen was by fully participating in this organization. I was finally able to get some 1:1 time with Quyen – by convincing her that she should stop by so I could help update her resume…corny but true.

From there we spent the next 7 years together – experiencing some of our biggest life events with each other at hand – graduating college, MBA for Quyen, becoming home owners, moving to the most beautiful city in the world (San Francisco) and so much more. Now, we are extremely excited to embark on the next most important life event in both of our lives—finally tying the knot (or as she would say…about time!)

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how they asked: 7 years gave me quite a bit of time to think about proposal ideas. Ultimately I knew it had to be done somewhere memorable and special to us. Maui seemed to be the perfect place to propose—the question came down to where. After going back and forth on a variety of locations & ideas one place continued to pop up on Mt. Haleakala. We had been up there twice before to see the sunrise and each time left astonished by the majestic beauty – a feeling unlike any other. For me, the location and timing also was a way to show the love of my life that I wanted to spend every morning doing exactly that – watching the sunrise together to begin a new day.

Gorgeous Maui Proposal Idea

Gorgeous Maui Proposal Idea

Planning the proposal was not a stress free easy feat. But with the help of Quyen’s roommate, Joanne [whom also happens to be my best friend], and our photographer Anna – everything fell right into place – not of course without some last minute revisions. Joanne helped me pick out a lovely dress and necklace. She also was able to “borrow” some of Quyen’s accessories and makeup for me to take along. Anna meanwhile, calm and collected, took my last minute calls and location alterations to ensure she could find us in time to capture the proposal.

At the end of the day, we could not be happier with how things all came together. After a lot of running around, I was still able to surprise Quyen as the sun rose above the clouds signaling the start of not just a new morning but our life together as an engaged couple. (Tip: surprises are much easier to do when its 4 AM and your future wife is still in ‘sleep-mode’ oblivious to what is going on around her)

Gorgeous Maui Proposal Idea

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Chris and Queyen Maui Proposal

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Photography by: Anna Kim Photography