When a trip to go goose hunting turned into a surprise proposal, Shane Co. couldn’t wait to share the story with you!

View More: We Met: Jake and I met through a mutual friend at a restaurant in downtown Denver. When I met him, I was focused on all the tattoos displayed on his arms and I gave him a hard time about where to sit.

At the restaurant, we spent the entire time joking and teasing each other and never did I think that he would be the man I would marry!

I never held expectations and it was the best surprise God could have blessed me with!

The Proposal Story: We were on our way to Helena, Montana for Christmas and made our normal stop at Grammy and Papa’s place for the night. The next morning was my birthday, December 23, and it was a solid 4 degrees outside.

Jake had the excellent idea to go goose hunting with his cousin Tyson. I did not exactly agree with the idea but in the end, Jake convinced me that it would be fun so we all suited up for the cold!

Jake’s parents have a big farm in Montana that’s 60 acres. We call it “The 60.” The view is unreal! In fact, the first time I stepped foot out there, I fell in love and I knew that was exactly where I knew I wanted to marry Jake.

That day, we headed to “The 60” and began our goose hunting adventure. Uncle Jim met us and said he would go grab Lori to take some pictures of “the cows.” (A decoy they had planned.) By this time, I was cold and ready to leave, but Jake kept strong and told me he wanted to shoot something. Lori, Jim, Kayla and Maddy all showed up to take photos of “the cows.”

At that point, I jumped on Jake’s back for a piggyback ride that led to the edge of the property. By this time, I was in a goofy mood and playing around with him until, to center my attention, he got to his knee to propose.



The family snapped some photos of us. A picture says a million words and I am so happy my proposal was exactly the way it was!

goose hunt proposal

The Ring: I chose the ring for Tiernay because she has always said that she loves vintage things, whether it’s a lamp or a couch or just a random piece of furniture.

shane co ring howtheyasked

When I started looking for a ring, I began my search at Shane Co. looking at vintage styles. I looked at a few different styles and compared them. When I finally found “the one,” I knew that I could stop searching right then!