Goodi and Zac

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How We Met

Zac and I went to the same high school, but neither one of us can quite remember the exact moment we first met. We hung out with similar circles, but hadn’t officially met. The first time we both remember interacting, was when we were in our high school production of Grease. One of my good friends knew Zac well, so I asked her to ask Zac to give me a ride home from play practice. We started spending more time together hanging out, and the rest is history!


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how they asked

When Zac asked me to marry him, we went on a hike at Hippie Tree Hill. After we walked up the hill and back, we went to the swing to get views of San Francisco. There were lots of other folks there at that time, mostly teenagers, being loud and making noise. Both of us being introverts, we joked about how annoying people are and got ready to head out. Zac asked if I wanted to stay and watch the sunset. I of course said, “No, I’ve seen the sunset before” and we started heading back to the car. As we were walking back, Zac asked again if I wanted to watch the sun set and pointed out a secluded spot away from the trail and I agreed.
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We climbed up a hill and sat on a log and watched the sun set behind Mt. Tamalpias. It was truly beautiful! As we were sitting there, Zac started digging in his sock, saying that he must have got a rock in his shoe. I was totally oblivious, and was wondering how he could have got a rock stuck in his long socks, as I looked out at the stunning view around us. When I looked back at Zac, he was holding the engagement ring. I was totally surprised and started crying immediately. He asked, “Are you going to say something?” and I replied, “Are you going to say something?”. Then Zac said, “Just say yes.” and I did!
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