Goochie and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met over two years ago in November 2014 through some mutual friends. I was just looking for friends, but apparently he saw something more. We texted a couple times and planned on having lunch. We had a great time until he dropped the bomb saying “I was really nervous to ask you on this date.” My response was, “Wait… this is a date?” We both had a great laugh. The bill came, and since it was a ‘date’ I gladly let him pay, but his card declined. I ended up paying but he assured me he will take me to dinner to make up. Most people might have seen red flags and ran for the hills, but I love food so I agreed.

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Luckily his card approved on the second date, but that ‘first date’ set up our relationship. Neither of us felt like we had to force anything and we could be ourselves. We hung out almost every day, and on January 1st, 2015, we officially were a couple.

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how they asked

Ryan and I love to have weekend getaways, and one weekend in summer 2016 we drove to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona AZ. I remember him saying, “This would be a beautiful place for someone to get engaged.” When he said that, I knew Sedona would be the place I would pop the question. The problem was where/when would I do it. We have talked about marriage, but we both agreed we wouldn’t consider it until after two years of dating. In Ryan’s mind, I knew he would think after January 1st 2017, so I thought why not be sneaky and do it before. It would technically be two years of dating.

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I looked at some different options and ultimately decided the Enchantment Resort would be the location. The resort is located right in the middle of the Red Rock Mountains, and the views are breathtaking. Surrounding the resort, they have multiple hiking trails. I booked us a night stay and planned out a trail that would be perfect right before sunset. We checked into the room and told him we should go for a hike before it gets to dark. When we finally got to the top, I set up my tripod and set my iPhone. Ryan is used to me taking photos/videos so I knew wouldn’t be suspicious. I was a nervous wreck and when I looked at Ryan all I said was “the real reason I brought you up here was…” and I don’t remember anything after that. We both just had tears of joy.

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The reason for my submission is to show people that you do not necessarily need a professional photographer or videographer to capture that special proposal moment, but for the wedding that will be a different story lol.

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