Jordan and Austin's Gondola Proposal

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How We Met: Austin and I met at my cousin’s wedding in May of 2013 in California. A couple of my cousins (one of them being Austin’s best friend) took it upon themselves to set us up that night. The first time I saw Austin, I leaned over to my cousin and told her that I needed to come to California more often because the boys were so cute! Little did I know I was seeing my future husband for the first time! A little later in the night, my cousins enjoyed embarrassing us and setting us up as if we were all in high school again. Leaving the wedding that night, I thought I would never see him again, but God had a bigger plan and a follow request from Austin on Twitter lifted my spirits. From that point on, it was lots of flights and traveling back and forth from Texas and California to see one another, but I wouldn’t change our story for anything.

how they asked: Austin and I were on vacation in Europe with his family. We were headed to a day trip in Venice, Italy (the one place in the world I was dying to go to) and I was already on cloud 9. When we arrived in Venice and got to the main Piazza, St. Mark Square, we were able to find a station where we could go on a gondola ride (also one of things I was dying to do). Once we started to make our way towards the gondolas, I realized Austin’s entire family (5 people) were headed to a gondola and Austin and I were heading to our own… I was suspicious, but I didn’t let myself jump to conclusions. After we had been on the gondola for a few minutes, Austin started talking about how much he loved me, why he loved me, and how God had truly blessed our relationship. By this time, I was utterly confused because he had swore to me all summer long that he wasn’t going to propose anytime soon. He then pulled a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee (yes, on the gondola and no we didn’t fall in) and proposed to me while his family, in the other boat just ahead of us took pictures!

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