Goldie and Casey

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Casey had a mutual friend of ours post on my wall about a local photographer (theRYEstudio) who supports the Chain of hope, unleashed, and the humane society of greater Kansas City by bringing in a bag of dog food in exchange for a photo of your dog. If you know me, you know how in love I am with my dog Oakley, so I was totally obsessed with the idea. Later that week, Casey had texted me saying as an early bday gift we could go get some photos done with Oakley while we were there. So on a normal Monday afternoon Oakley had his photoshoot. Toward the end of the shoot the photographer mentioned how we were the last shoot of the day, and she had extra time and a great spot to take some more photos. So we drove about a mile down the road and on a not so ordinary Monday afternoon, Casey proposed to me. I was caught completely off guard. I have been practicing saying yes like it’s my second job, and had no hesitation to agreeing with forever with my very best friend. Casey you are the most incredible human being and I love you so much.

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the Rye studio
 | Photographer