Goksu and Enes

Goksu's Proposal in In front of my appartment

How We Met

He was a friend of a friend. I know how it sounds but it is the truth… He was an indefatigable womanizer which scared me off at first… But then I realized I could not reject my feelings anymore and learned he felt the same way!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In front of my appartment

how they asked

The main problem with the proposal was, I was expecting it very soon since we have been talking about getting married for quite some time now… This obviously created a major problem for Enes to find a way to surprise me as me being the sly fox, was always on edge and suspicious of his every move! So now the story begins. The morning of this Friday started extremely normal. I had Enes’s little sister as a guest and had fun with her the whole day. She asked for going to the hairdresser a few times but I completely ignored her, said I was not in the mood, which is a decision I will regret later on… Around 8 pm, one of my best friend’s older sister came for a visit with her baby son. Later, my cousin, Alara stopped by, which is not suspicious at all since she always comes by to check on me… I was very busy with baby cuddling and hearing his “dada”s, I never noticed my cousin checking down the window or trying to keep the curtains closed the whole time!

After a while, we went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the little guy and that is when Alara started shouting “Goksu come and check this is something’s happening down there. People are shouting their lungs out! Run come!!” I cannot even remember how fast I went to the window since I was expecting Enes home soon and thought he was arguing… And then I saw the whole thing! My man was standing in front of a huge “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” designed by hundreds of candles! I believe I felt every cell in my body getting excited. I could not believe what I was seeing and I think I did not understand what was happening for a few seconds… There were people with phones in their hands trying to film everything and there was Enes patiently waiting for me!

Then I started running downstairs with all my will. There were rose petals all the way downstairs. I forgot to wear shoes or even slippers so I remember how they felt under my feet while I was storming downstairs to reach Enes. The second I stepped out, all the crackers and fireworks and smoke got started. I was absolutely amazed by how they managed to do all of that without me noticing a thing!! I was ready to hug Enes with all the power I had but then he got on his knee and popped the question. I was experiencing so many emotions at the same time I felt like I was going to faint! Then I saw all my friends screaming and shouting, congratulating and hugging with gorgeous smiles on their faces. I always knew I had the best collection of friends, now I also have the best groom in the world

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