G'nel and Michael

how they asked

Michael decided he wanted to make this thing permanent on November 6, 2016. A Washington D.C. trip was planned for after Sunday service. It was a beautiful Fall day; the sun was shining bright. Michael’s parent came along to capture the moment also. To my surprise there was more in store than just site seeing. Once arriving to D.C. and finding out there were no tickets left for the National Museum of African American History and Culture, everyone decided to try to see something else. I suggested the Holocaust Museum. Michael was planning for his best friend, Brian, and his new wife to come into the city since they lived just outside of D.C. Michael said, “Let’s just go up here,” pointing to the Washington Monument, “That way I can give Brian a definite location to meet us.” I was good with whatever, so away we went to the Washington Monument. Annette, Michael’s mother, requested that Michael and I get together for a picture.

Image 1 of G'nel and Michael

I complained, a little, about the wind blowing quite a bit and my hair being in my face for a picture. Michael and I positioned ourselves in a way that the wind was blowing my hair away from my face.

Image 2 of G'nel and Michael

After the picture was taken, I turned to find Michael getting down on one knee. In shock and with a ton of butterflies in my stomach I said, “Oh my gosh” and turned away bending over while Michael held my hand. I was crying when I finally stood up to face Michael, after what seemed like a long time of having been bent over. He asked, “Will you marry me?” Of course I said, “Yes,” shaking my head yes at the same time. We hugged and kissed while everyone, including the strangers around us, clapped and cheered. The ring is beautiful and so sparkly!