Glorianna and Justin

How We Met: I (Justin) was at Victory World Church on a Wednesday night. It was a chilly night and I usually go alone to the young adult service. Then surprisingly my friend told me that a friend was coming with her. I didn’t really think much about it, but when I met her, she sparked something inside of me. She was a little shy and I was a little shy, so the first night we didn’t talk too much. But she was going through my mind all night (during Monopoly night). I had to get to know her more. She thought I was weird, I thought she was amazing.

Image 3 of Glorianna and Justin

how they asked: “Go shower and dress up a little bit, we are going to take lots of pictures.”, said Janice, my sister. That day I almost did not shower because I know New York’s subway is not a place where you want to be if you are dressing up. So after several accidents and lack of time management, my family and I got to Central Park. At that moment, Janice told me to take a pictures under this stair in front of this statue. I did not want a picture, so my parents were in the picture with me. Janice then showed me the picture that we just took. And I was like, “Is that Justin?! Why is he here? Isn’t he supposed to be in Atlanta working?”. He was on top of the stair holding a sign “Will you marry me?”. So I turned around to make sure he was Justin and my parents started to cry because he bent on one knee.

“So, pacar (girlfriend in Indonesian), will you marry me?” I did not remember every single word of the other sentences, nothing too romantic. He did not even say my full name nor I love you, but I said YES! anyway.

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