Gloria and Joseph

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How We Met

Jo and I have known each other since 6th grade summer camp. He was new to camp, and I, the shy dark haired girl from Brooklyn, shared my peanut butter & jelly sandwich with him.. It was love at first bite.

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We graduated and were in the same high school class for four years. We were on and off throughout school. Of course i had to date “older, more mature boys”, but Jo was veryyy patient.. Speed up to a few years later, after 4 years of college’s long distance face-times and phone calls, break-ups and makeups, Jo and I were officially a couple.

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A year later, to no ones surprise, Jo and I became Mr. and Mrs. Shalom.

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how they asked

The day: I wake up on a regular Tuesday morning to a text message from my boss; “Gloria, i’ll be out of the office today, you can have the day off- we’ll see you tomorrow”. With no suspicion at all- I call up my two best friends, Esther and Rebecca, and tell them were all playing hookie today- so don’t go to work!

They both agree and in 20 min we all meet up in the city- again, no suspicion on my end. After a couple clicks on our phones- Esther decides we should go to Escape The Room. Escape The Room is an interactive game where you and your group are locked in a room and given a series of clues, the last clue leads to a combination that help you to Escape The Room. The three of us are really competitive so we took this as a challenge, and were in!

Mind you, Esther, Rebecca and Jo had this entire day planned, and I, obliviously went right along with it. They even hired a proposal planner from @Surprisalsbysyl and for weeks they planned out every detail right under my nose. The plan was for us to play the game and the last clue- a box that’s supposed to hold the final combination, instead would hold the engagement ring.

But OF COURSE, the three airheads that we are, could not figure out the final clue to open the box. Esther and Rebecca are frantically running around the room trying to get this last clue.. With one minutes left in the game, Rebecca slides me the box and yells OPEN IT. I look at the box filled with red roses, and a beautiful diamond ring in the center and I went numb. I look to my right and see Esther and Rebecca crying. And finally, I look up, and see Jo kneeling on one knee with my favorite National song playing in the background.

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And the rest is history…

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Special Thanks

Sylvia Levy
 | @Surprisalsbysyl