Gloria and Connor

Image 8 of Gloria and Connor

How We Met

Connor and I met on Bumble. I had just gotten back from my 30th birthday trip to France and Italy and decided to give this online dating a chance. I saw his Bumble profile and his first pic was of him hiking up a steep trail. I loved to hike and thought we probably shared some interests and I thought he was quite handsome. So I swiped “right” and so did he and we began our chat online. After a few days, we agreed to meet on May 24th, 2019.

We hit it off right away and our first date lasted 6 hours in downtown Austin. There was instant attraction and I could feel my heart racing the whole time. After two great months of dating, Connor took me to dinner and officially asked me to be his girlfriend on top of the 360 bridge overlook in Austin. (This will be a pattern for our proposal). He told me that he actually deleted his Bumble profile before our first date because he was so tired of online dating (2 whole years) and thought that if this date with me did not work out, he was going to take a break. And to his surprise, going on this “last” date with me turned out to be the last date he would ever need to go on.

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The image above was when he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. 360 overlook bridge in Austin.

How They Asked

Connor and I were supposed to travel to Spain and Italy in September, but because of the pandemic, we changed our plans to go on a socially distant road trip to Sedona and Grand Tetons. So, we packed up our bags and said adios to Austin, Texas, and headed for adventure. We spent about a week hiking up beautiful trails like Cathedral rock in Sedona and trails in Grand Teton national park in Wyoming. On the last evening of our trip, Connor said to dress up in a “warm and cute” outfit for a surprise dinner reservation, but wouldn’t tell me more details.

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We had a pattern of surprising each other so I didn’t think much of it. As he was driving us to the “restaurant,” he pulled over at a scenic overlook and took out my sleep eye mask and told me to put it on. And that was when I got super suspicious. He led me blindfolded from the car and down a rocky trail. When he told me to take off my eye mask, I found him on one knee with my dream ring!

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There was a photographer to capture the proposal. And an event planner who set up a romantic table/picnic blanket for photos and catered dinner! It was the absolute dreamiest proposal, I could ever have imagined. And my dream ring couldn’t be more beautiful! Connor did an amazing job and we could not be any happier. I am so excited to marry my best friend and share our lives on this journey called life.

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Preview photos from the photographer. More photos to come in 2 weeks.

Special Thanks

Jamye Chrisman
 | Photographer