Glenna and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met in 2013 during my first year of university through Greek life. We were both dating other people and to be honest Kyle’s strong personality and opinions meant he was someone I tended to avoid when I saw him across the campus quad. He was so nice though… anytime he saw me he made a beeline over to have a quick conversation.

Proposal Ideas Epcot — Walt Disney World

Flash forward two years and we were both single at a party. Sparks flew and we spoke for hours about anything and everything. Shortly thereafter I studied abroad during my first semester of senior year and Kyle met me in Paris where we had the most romantic time exploring France and Belgium. We’ve been virtually inseparable ever since.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Epcot — Walt Disney World

How They Asked

Kyle and I have now been together for three years. The past couple of months have been a series of ups and downs. We purchased a house and my beloved dog passed away several days after, I found a new job and gave in my two weeks notice. That being said, with the purchase of a brand new house I figured that a proposal wouldn’t be in the picture for years to come. Before starting my new position my parents took Kyle and I to Orlando to visit Disney. I worked at Disney the summer before I met Kyle and it, specifically Epcot, has a special place in my heart. We were lucky enough to go during the Flower and Garden Festival.

Glenna and Kyle's Engagement in Epcot — Walt Disney World

Where to Propose in Epcot — Walt Disney World

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Epcot — Walt Disney World

As we wandered Epcot I could tell that Kyle was getting antsy. He was frustrated that I wanted to wait in a line for a ride and he kept checking his phone. He was especially bothered when he found out that the World Showcase wouldn’t be open for several hours. We doubled back to go towards the entrance of the park and passed by the cutest garden sculpture of Mickey and Minnie with a grouping of hearts.

I knew it was a great backdrop because Kyle, who rarely asks for a picture, immediately requested we pose for the camera. As we smiled, my mom shouted out to change our pose. That’s when Kyle launched into a lovely, albeit extremely nervous, speech about how he knows that I’m who he is meant to spend the rest of his life with. He then dropped down onto one knee and the rest is a bit of a blur.

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