Glenn and Troy

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How We Met

Glenn and I met at Boston Pride in 2015 from a distance but didn’t really speak. We then connected via Tinder just a day or two after and chatted back and forth but we couldn’t seem to find a time to meet up because I am a busy guy! After countless efforts from Glenn, he decided to invite himself out to meet up with me and some of my friends for drinks after work. From the second I saw him I was in awe of how handsome he was and how his smile made me actually nervous (it’s basically impossible to make me nervous so I knew I was in trouble).

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During drinks I actually pretended to go to the restroom so I could text my date (yes, I had a date with another guy that night) and I cancelled it. Come to find out, a few months later, Glenn had a date later that night and called his as well! We then went to the movies and have been inseparable ever since. We have built a life of laughter, excitement, spontaneity, love and honesty. We have two amazing golden retrievers now and are beyond excited for our wedding day!

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how they asked

The proposal was a pretty great one. It was Troy’s 30th Birthday coming up and Glenn had planned an amazing party, renting out the top floor or The Greatest Bar in Boston, MA and invited all of his friends and family. The fact was that Glenn thought he was the one planning the party, when in fact it was Troy. Troy was planning a surprise engagement without Glenn knowing. Troy sent out invitations to all of their family and friends letting them know about the surprise proposal, the time it was going to happen and stressed that it was a surprise. Now Glenn had put together a photo montage for Troy (Troy’s best friend Beth had pushed the idea on Glenn because Troy had told her too).

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As the photo montage began, Glenn said a few nice words and wanted to get off the bar but the screen then went black and white and the song “I Choose You” by Andy Grammar began to play. It took a minute or so for Glenn to realize what was happening.

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It was one of the most amazing moments of our lives and although Glenn’s mom could not make it from Charleston, SC, Troy arranged for her to have a video at the end congratulating us. This was the best surprise Glenn had ever had!

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