Tayla and Glenn


How We Met

Glenn own’s a local pizzeria/restaurant in my neighborhood, my brother Bennett was a long time customer of his. One day they were talking about hiring some new help, my brother mentioned me and how I was looking for a part-time job (I wasn’t looking for any type of job!!) I started January 2010, started dating April 2012 and have been in love ever since.

how they asked

I have been telling my boyfriend (at the time) I want a new car, he knew I would never waste the money since there was nothing wrong with the car I had. The plan for Columbus Day October 10, 2016 was to go out for a regular/normal lunch, first I was waiting an hour for him to pick me up at my parents. He arranged my mother, my 93 year-old grandmother, my sister and my bother to be home, my father had to work. My whole plan was to be mad at him for making me wait for him, so he pulls up in a brand new 2016 Lexus with the red bow on top.

I start saying he’s an idiot, why did you get me a car. We are sitting in the car and I am shocked and stunned, Glenn then says “let me show you around, lets start with the trunk”, I had zero clue, thinking he’s a man he’s going to show me every inch of the car.


Before he drops to one knee I see the white balloons, the white rose petals and a sign “Will You Marry Me?” and i start  crying, hysterically.


I have no idea what he says and who’s around watching. I see my whole family outside, my father on FaceTime, my brother recording on his iPhone, my next door neighbor, two neighbors across the street and I just start crying some more. Glenn’s family is down the block in their car waiting for Glenn to finish his proposal. I was so happy my family and my new in-laws were able to spend the afternoon and night with us!


Special Thanks

Angelica Diaz