Glena and John

How We Met

John and I met in October of 2015 at a Halloween party, through my sister and his brother. They had been friends for 30 years. I was dressed as Marge Simpson with towering blue hair. He was a grave digger of some sort. We barley said hello. After that we ended up at BBQs and other parties together. We were just friends and would talk and laugh.

Then in June we went with the “gang”, which included my sister and his brother and other friends to Telluride, CO for the weekend. I rode on the back of John’s Harley and I was smitten! I smelled his neck in secret, as i rode close to him. We rented a jeep the next day and drove to the top of Imogene pass, which is 13,000 feet high. He picked wild flowers out of the melting snow and gave them to me. My heart began to melt on the top of that freezing mountain! We started dating after that and we were “peas in a pod”. We were always together riding the Harley, hanging out in Santa Fe or spending the day at his property int he mountains..

Image 2 of Glena and Johnhow they asked

Its was a beautiful Fall day in New Mexico. The air was crisp and the leaves were starting to turn gold. John called me in the afternoon and said “meet me in Tijeras at the cafe.” I thought it was a lunch date, but when I got there he was very excited to show me something in the mountains. I thought he had done something to the property he had in the mountains. He said “lay your seat back, so you can’t see”. I thought that was strange request, but I complied. .As he was driving to the property, he made a sharp U turn in the road. I thought he had missed the turn, since I was laying down in the car and couldn’t see the road. He said in a very excited tone ” get out I want to take your picture here by the road”!. Now I really thought he was being strange!?! I opened my eyes and got out of the car. My eyes blinded by the sun. I was squinting to see, since they had been shut lying down in the car for so long. He snapped a quick picture and showed it to me. I said ” that’s a horrible picture of me, Babe” ! He said ” look closer” ,so I expanded the picture and saw my name written in white rocks on the mountain behind where I was standing. I turned around to see this amazing sight!! How did my name get up there and then it hit me. It was John! When I turned back around John was on one knee with a shiny silver ring in a box. He said “will you marry me”? I hugged him tightly saying “YES! Today and everyday I will marry you!” We both cried by the side of the road. Now every time we pass that mountain on the road to the property where we will build our new home I think of that beautiful day. The rocks have all been turned into other messages first a heart , then a cross and then “live and laugh”. John did not do it, but others have carried on the message.

Image 1 of Glena and John