How She Asked: Glee-Inspired Proposal Video

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How We Met (Ann’s Point of View): Sadly, I barely recall the first time I met Jackie at a popular local gay club. I was having a great time with my girls dancing the night away! Our paths crossed again a few times in the social scene. The second time I saw Jackie, I “met” her officially. Whenever we saw each other out and about, Jackie was pretty “full court press” about getting my attention. In fact I think one of her “lines” was: “What do you want? I’ll get you a pink diamond and an Escalade.” That worked about as well as Kim Kardashian’s first marriage. At the bar, she would tell the bartender to take care of my tab and my friends’ tab. She was a publicist at the time and would often invite my friends and me to red carpet events and even flew us all to Vegas to work an event. In my eyes, Jackie was always a friend (although I was very aware of her feelings for me). In fact, during our three years of friendship, Jackie was relentless. Ha, ha! (She gives whole new meaning to the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”) Even when I was in relationships, she was respectful but still always stated her feelings. I recall one particular time, she sent a flower arrangement the size of a preschooler to my apartment. While the attention was flattering I just felt that Jackie was a “hot head” and a bit full of herself.

Three years later, we ended up hosting a birthday event for a mutual friend of ours. We both happened to be single this time and I started to see a different Jackie. We talked about how much she loved her dogs, discovered we were both Disney fanatics and that we put our family before anyone else. I was beyond surprised that behind all the big talk, was a kind hearted, protective and extremely self-less person. As we began to spend more time together, my heart opened and I fell head over heels with Jackie.

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How We Met (Jackie’s Point of View): I was single for several years and was at a lesbian club. In walked a beautiful girl whom I’ve never seen before. I was instantly drawn to Ann and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to talk to her. It never came — each and every time I approached her, she and I barely exchanged a few words before her overprotective friends stepped in and dragged her away. But I remembered every single thing she told me about herself that night. I have to admit I was disappointed in not being able to ask for her phone number but I couldn’t wait for the next time until I would run into her again in the “scene.” Several months later, I still hadn’t seen her. I was beginning to lose hope that I lost my one and only chance. Then on one random evening in West Hollywood, I was walking with friends and I heard a voice behind me talking to someone else. It was Ann! I said hello and that it was great to see her but I could tell she didn’t remember who I was. But she was friendly and politely pretended that she remembered me. After that night, I found her on MySpace.

We slowly became friends and I pursued her relentlessly for 3 years until she finally said yes in giving me a chance and a real date. During that time, she was in a few relationships and as hard as it was to deal with, I hung in there. No matter how many times I was told by others to move on and find someone else, I knew that she was the only one for me. Ann was definitely worth the wait and I must say I felt like the luckiest person in the world when she officially became my girlfriend.

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How They Asked (Ann’s Point of View): It was Easter Sunday and my mom had been in town, visiting, all week. One of my best friends insisted on taking me out for a belated birthday brunch so that she could see my mom. Jackie was off with her family for church (or so I thought). My friend pulled up to pick me up and she had written all over her car, “Honk for the birthday girl” and “Happy Birthday Ann!” We took off and had a fun brunch gabbing over mimosas. Once we paid, my friend said she had one more surprise and that I had to wear a blindfold. Laughing, I obliged. Turns out she forgot the blindfold so she put a blanket over my head instead. Not knowing where we were going I tried to pester my friend and mother to give up the goods. They were tight lipped all the way. Once we arrived to the destination, my friend and mom helped me shuffle my way along until I was told to remove the blanket. I still remember the moment it took for my eyes to adjust to the sunlight and how everything was silent. After I focused on where I was I saw Jackie standing before me in a Dalton Warbler uniform (inspired by a scene in the TV show, “Glee”). Also, I saw 6 girls dressed in a similar fashion. Before I knew it Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” as performed by Darren Criss was being playing on loud speakers and Jackie and these “Warblers” began dancing in unison! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Jackie goes all out of for my birthday but this was insane, even for her! Towards the end of the song, all our friends, family and even our dogs seemed to stream out of nowhere. The song then changed to “Rainbow Connection”, one for my favorite songs as I am a huge Muppet and Jim Henson fan. During the song, we greeted everyone with hugs and kisses.

Once we finished we were at a white gazebo with a table. On top of the table I spied a small blue box and then it hit me what was really going on. This wasn’t for my birthday!!

Jackie got down on one knee and proceeded to make all my dreams come true. When she asked, “Will you marry me?” I could barely choke out a “Yes” before tears started to flow. It was a moment filled with such love. We were so blessed to share it was our closest friends and family.

Boffo Video and Shuttered Light Photography documented the entire occasion! When the video was uploaded to YouTube, Darren Criss sent a tweet to Katy Perry about our proposal!!

Since then our video has been viewed over 100,000 times and we have received well wishes from Ecudor, England, France, Canada, Australia and all over the globe. We have begun the planning process and are excited to take this next step together! I have been so lucky to call Jackie my girlfriend for 5 years, and now I can’t believe she is my fiancée!!
It is my hope that the world sees that Love is Love. It does not know gender or color. Everyone deserves to love and be loved!!

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How They Asked (Jackie’s Point of View): We had been together a little over 5 years. Ann was hoping for a proposal the year before but I wanted to wait for the perfect time when we were settled in our new house and ready for the next big step. I had always thought I would do a private proposal
at a winery in Napa Valley. But during the past year, Ann would occasionally send me Youtube videos of sweet wedding proposals that made her happy such as flash mobs, surprise proposals, etc. The pressure was mounting in figuring out a perfect proposal and also finding the perfect ring. I knew I wanted to propose to her during her birthday weekend which was also Easter weekend and my
cousin’s baby shower. Because we would be so busy with family events, I knew she would never expect a proposal on Easter. With only two months left to plan, I started nailing down details to what I thought would be a fitting proposal for Ann.

Image 8 of How She Asked: Glee-Inspired Proposal VideoI always knew that I would propose to Ann with the Muppets song “Rainbow Connection,” because she was a huge Muppets fan and the song itself had such beautiful lyrics and meaning behind it. I also wracked my brain on some type of presentation I could do for Ann. We were both huge fans of Glee and I was especially a fan of the show’s Dalton Academy Warblers. We both loved Darren Criss’ performance of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” so I knew I had to come up with a simple but fun way to dance and sing it to Ann. It would be a “girl” version of the Glee Warblers! I then contacted an old friend I had made while working at Disneyland’s entertainment department. It turns out her sister was a choreographer and so I hired them and they assembled a team of six professional dancers who’d be willing to work for a small fee and give up part of the Easter Sunday to make this idea a reality. For a little over a week, I learned the routine practicing 10 minutes each day after work. On my lunch breaks, I’d run to the mall to find all the costume pieces to make a cute but genuine-like Warbler uniform for girls. I was able to find a beautiful venue in the Heritage Museum of Orange County, a talented videographer in Boffo Video, an amazing photographer in Richard Fadera of Shuttered Light Photography, and the great DJ Jarah! With the help of my cousins we were able to reach out and organize for close family and friends to be in on the surprise.

That Easter morning, Ann’s good friend took her and her mom out for Easter brunch. She pretended to have a special birthday surprise for Ann and brought her to the venue blindfolded. There we surprised Ann with a dance and lip-sync to Glee’s “Teenage Dream.” Right after with the Muppets “Rainbow Connection” playing, I surprised her with our family and friends, and then proposed to her in the gazebo with a table that had the Muppets surrounding a Tacori box. A dream ring for my dream girl.

We are planning our wedding to be married next Summer 2014.

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Video by: Boffo Video // Photos by: Shuttered Light Photography