Giuseppe and Adam

How We Met

We met online on way back in 2004. Our first few attempts at meeting were rocky and dangerous to say the least, involving three separate car crashes within a few days! Undeterred, we were finally able to go on an incident free date, spending the evening playing mini-golf and then walking a sea-side boardwalk under the stars. Over the next few years, we both supported each other as I moved to Boston to begin my undergrad at Suffolk University and Joe re-enrolled at Suffolk to work on his MBA. However, in early 2007, we decided to take a break. We were both young and wanted to be sure that we were making the right decision to be together.

Where to Propose in Paris, France

In retrospect, many of our friends laugh off this “break” as we remained almost inseparable friends despite not officially being a couple. Nonetheless, we tried dating other people and eventually Adam moved to France to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. It was during that time in Paris, that finally rekindled the romance that we had been ignoring. Joe flew over twice, each time telling me that while he had dated others, he had not met anyone quite like me. It was on this second transatlantic trip, that I relented and agreed that the “break” had only shown what we knew all along; we were meant to be together.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

how they asked

Nine years later and now a high school French teacher, I regularly visit Paris and still stay with my host mother, Jill, from my time studying there. She is like family to me and I have many fond memories of her petit Parisian apartment that had become my home away from home. Knowing this, Joe eschewed the clichés of a grand proposal under the Eiffel Tower or along the banks of the Seine. He chose to propose in the same place where we reaffirmed our love. On Valentine’s day 2016, Joe, two friend, and I were visiting Paris and my host mother invited us to an elaborate diner. At some point, he slipped away to the “bathroom” to get the ring. When he returned, he suddenly ask Jill is she remembered his second trip to visit me within one month back in 2007.

Before Joe returned to America, I remember telling her that I loved him and that we were officially back together. She also instantly remembered ringing her heart-shaped shaped wind chime for good luck and declaring in French, “AH L’AMOUR! I remember it well! I knew then and there that it would be forever!” and as I turned to Joe and quickly translated this sentence (he speaks no French), he took out the ring and got down on one knee to ask if we could really make it forever. Surprised and deeply moved, I quickly said “Oui!”