Giulia and Zion

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How We Met

Wow, was I nervous when I first met Zion (mostly because uh hello, what a cutie was he). Senior year Anatomy class – last two weeks of senior year might I add – my whole table was out testing and so my teacher told me I could move over to the table next to mine, Zions, but of course I was freaking out in my head and defiantly NOT moving to his table directly next to him … How could I? What was I even going to say to him…. mind you previous to this I have never had a real conversation with him except for the fact that we somehow created a game in the hallways when we passed by each other he would shout my name really loud and I would mane “ZZZZZZ” sounds… not really sure why? or how it started? Seeing I never spoke to him. ANYWAY, me being shy and nervous just moved my chair to the edge of my table and sat there so my teacher would think I was more included in the other group. Zion, being the gentleman and sweet soul that he is, came over and plopped down next to me at my table instead… This is where I say the rest is history, because well, it is (mostly).

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Zion and I started sharing stories of our parents love stories (well mostly I gushed about my parents and how amazing their love is) and he sat and listened and shared about technology and how it has changed our generation. We shared laughs at absolutely terrible jokes that will never be repeated outside the confines of our walls. For the last two weeks of school, we talked almost every day in both classes we had together, I really thought nothing of it and just told myself to cherish these conversations because once high school ends we will never speak again. So I took advantage of that and made myself ask him for a picture on the last day of school because what does a girl have to lose? I’m never going to speak or see him again, right? Wrong! My sister convinced me to post the photo to Facebook 2 days later and tag him in it *insert jitters here*. But again, what did I have to lose? I’m never going to see him AGAIN! He ended up commenting on the photo and writing me a message that evening (our magic honestly if you know him he doesn’t do anything on social media).

We haven’t stopped talking since + my heart has never stopped getting jitters.

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how they asked

Zion Morgan Osborn tricked me so good.The man who can’t keep secrets kept a HUGE secret!

Zion and I have been dating for a little over 3 and a half years, all of it except the first 6 months have been long distance. So its pretty normal for us to plan trips and mini vacations every once in a while. Since Zion is a Pararescue in the air force its a little iffy sometimes when we will be able to see each other next due to his training and me being a full-time student. However, we were lucky enough to be planning a short weekend in San Fransisco for one of his buddy’s weddings and boy was I excited about that! Anyways, I am planning food places and things for us to do that following weekend getting excited about it – but also a little bummed – before we planned this weekend trip we talked about going to see our favorite band in Kansas City on valentines day – we joked around about it for a while because what a dream, right?? But with his training, we wouldn’t have been able to tell if he would be off that day or even be able to take leave so we kind of brushed it off. Zion talked about getting a plane ticket into KC for the one day but I was totally against it, one night was not worth the money and the exhaustion that would take place especially since I would see him the very next day!

All during this time my sister has been away in New York working at a hospital – she would be coming back the weekend before we left for San Fran which I thought was perfect – why? because she can take me to the airport and I could see my sister for a few days since I haven’t in such a long time (she’s my best friend so a month was way too long). On Sunday the 11th she was driving home from Ohio, my mom’s house, to Kansas City she was scheduled to arrive really late that evening. My normal routine was in place – I had absolutely no idea anything was up – Zion and I Face-timed the night before and I woke up and got ready for class. A few weird things I probably should have noticed 1. My sister set an alarm for the next morning … me just assuming that she wanted to say hi and have coffee with me before classes since I haven’t seen her in a while 2. Zion texted me that morning asking about my classes and when I was heading out .. I just assumed he was making small talk since he had nothing really going on that week and probably had to wake up early for some check in for the day. My plan for the day was to stay on campus a little longer to complete school work before my weekend trip to San Fransisco however, that was NOT the plan everyone else had for me. My sister told me about a video we had to go take of my dad’s favorite train bridge by the riverfront and that we could go study at Quay after since she had some things she needed to do as well – of course, I’m going to do that instead of sitting in a gloomy library. After getting home my sister somehow convinced me to get dressed up instead of the leggings and a crew neck I was planning on wearing.

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As my sister and I are walking down to the train bridge I am still oblivious to everything, there are decorations on the riverfront bridge flowers everywhere and I am talking to my sister about how someone must have had a wedding here the day before and left these decorations – my sister, on the other hand, was as quiet as a mouse – should have been my first clue. We continue walking down the bridge and I keep seeing more fresh daises all in the bridge sides (in my head I’m like wow what a nice photo op, I need to tell Maire we should take some here) but before that I noticed a bouquet of my favorite flowers at the end of the bridge on the hand railing I immediately walk straight over – because who doesn’t love free flowers???

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I assumed they were left over from one of the bridesmaids from the wedding the day before (that I was so convinced happened). but wait it gets better… the flowers are tied to Zion and I’s love lock .. AND I STILL HAD NO IDEA. until I end up turning around to Zion, in Kansas City, on one knee… I was so taken back and out of context I don’t really remember what happened next (I didn’t even remember saying Yes but of course from the video, you can tell I said it multiple times).

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Zion got my favorite Photographer + Videographer from Kanas City to document it all and even organized for my Mom + some of my aunts and one of my uncles to be in Kansas City. It was truly a dream come true – I am still over the moon excited I get to spend the rest of my life with Z man of my dreams.

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