Giulia and Leôncio

How We Met

We’re from Brazil, and we met in 2008, at that time I was 14 and he was 16, we met on behalf of a mutual friend, we chatted every day on MSN (old…I know), our first kiss was a day after Christmas and it was very special because we waited for that moment so long. In 2009, Leôncio moved to Curitiba/Brazil, a city that is almost 500 kilometers away from the city where I lived, we dated in distance for 7 (looooong) years, many comings and goings from one city to another, many farewells that made me cry every time he turned his back on his normal routine. However, we always use the phrase: “if we can stand the distance, we can put up with everything that comes in front of us”. After a long time in this style, finally in 2016 we moved to live together, we already talked about marriage and the future, but nothing ever so serious, and since we lived together, the request would only be a matter of time…However, I never imagined it was the way it was…

How They Asked

Leôncio planned a trip for us to do earlier this year to celebrate our 10 years of dating (completed on 12/26/2018). When people knew about the trip, they came to tell me that this would be the moment he would ask to marry me, but I didn’t believe that it would be in his plans, because the trip was already a very special gift. In our first days of travel, we stayed in Italy and then we went to Munich, Amsterdam, and Paris (aaah Paris, I’ll never forget you). In the early days in Paris, we went to see the city, strolled through the Eiffel Tower and returned to the hotel to rest. On the dinner we talked about the next morning plans, we chose to go again to the Eiffel Tower and the afternoon to the Louvre (because it was a backpacking trip) I didn’t want to put on my best clothes, because, for me, nothing much would happen..bad I knew.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris - Eiffel Tower

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris - Eiffel Tower

The next day, Leôncio said that we would visit the Louvre in the morning and asked that I put on my best clothes (thank god he asked for this), leaving the hotel we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower and left the Louvre for later. Arriving at the tower, as it was just the two of us, we couldn’t make a couple photos in front of the Tower, (it was at that moment that everything began).

I saw a man stopped next to us taking pictures and I asked him to take a picture of me with Leôncio, but this man (without my knowledge) was a friend of Leôncio and had already arranged everything with him. Ok…we were to take the photos..and it was at that moment that Leôncio got down on his knees and asked if I wanted to marry him. I could only cry! And maybe that’s why took a while to answer the proper HAHA (sorry babe).

It was an unexpected and very surprising request, when he got down on his knees, all the people who were there began to clap and sing “la vie en rose”, I will never forget that beautiful day. After the proposal, we went to take official pictures to remember this day forever. After Paris we continue the trip through Switzerland and returned to Italy..of course, that was the BEST TRIP EVER!!!

Where to Propose in Paris - Eiffel Tower

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