Gitane and Jeff


How We Met

The saying goes that “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but luckily for us it turns out that’s not always the truth.  It was the spring of 2012 when we met in Las Vegas.  Jeff was on a trip with the guys and I was with the girls, but as fate would have it one of those guys and one of those girls were brother and sister so we all ended up hanging out together.  Although we didn’t exactly hit it off while in Las Vegas we did get to know each other and the whole group promised that we would get together again back in Toronto.  Fortunately everyone followed through on that promise and within a few weeks after Las Vegas we got to know each other pretty well.


It wasn’t long before we were on our first date in true Canadian fashion at a hockey game.  While neither of us remembers the players or the game we came away with something we will never forget.  From that day forward we have been together and have shared more fun times and wonderful moments than we could ever list here.  From weekends at the cottage, to skiing on the mountain, to laying by the pool in Mexico and even learning to play tennis we have packed a lot of action into our time together.  Most importantly, we have proven that what happens in Vegas can stay with you forever.


how they asked

Jeff and I love to travel and explore (we met on a trip!). We had planned two weeks in Italy and on day two of our trip Jeff had planned a full day walking tour of Rome with special stops that included my favourite things (like caprese salads and a pub). We ended the walking tour at the Giardino degli Aranci (The Orange Garden), which has a beautiful terrace overlooking Rome. As we hadn’t taken many pictures together that day, I approached another tourist and asked for her to take a photo of Jeff and I sitting on the ledge of the terrace.



As I prepared for the photo (i.e. put on some lip gloss and took down my hair), Jeff had turned around to hand over the camera and let the girl know that he would be proposing! I called Jeff over to sit by my side for the photo and he walked over, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. In that moment, all the people disappeared and as the happy tears rolled down my face I couldn’t help but squeeze him tightly.



Little did I know, the proposal was just the beginning of the surprises. Jeff had arranged for a beautiful rooftop dinner that evening and a few weeks later, just before our last stop in Paris, he let me know that he had booked a photographer I had been following for months on Instagram to take our engagement photos! Our engagement shoot with Katie Mitchell was beyond amazing and I will forever treasure the photos and the memories.


Gitane & Jeff - Paris





Special Thanks

Katie Mitchell
Sevan Tosun