Gisselle and Danniel

How We Met

We were always in each other’s life without knowing it. We went to the same High School, had the same friends and never met. Then we graduated from college on the same day and time (same ceremony), still sharing a handful of friends and we never met. It wasn’t until five years after graduation that he started working in the same department that we finally got the chance to meet. The very first time I saw his face, I said “ I’ve seen him before” just couldn’t place it. We later found out we went to the same high school and university.

How They Asked

I planned a photo shoot for my 30th Birthday while we were in Thailand. This was our first shoot together and I was going for a light beachy theme, which our photographer nailed completely! It was raining that day and it was so windy but we made the most of it even though our clothes were wet and we had to stop constantly. I honestly just kept laughing so hard because what are the odds??

Right before he asked, the photographer was taking some photos of just me when I hear Danny behind me calling my name and I refused to turn around because I am a rule follower and the photographer had given me directions to look ahead. He must have called my name 5 times before I finally turned around to find him bent on one knee asking me to be his wife, at which point I started laughing uncontrollably followed by immediate hysterical tears!

Gisselle's Proposal in Phuket, Thailand

This was one of the best days of my life and I am so glad we got to capture it all!

Special Thanks

 | Photographer