Giselle and Patrick

Giselle's Proposal in Home

How We Met

This all started in April 2014, when Giselle was having a girls night with two of her best friends that happen to be looking through her dating app on her phone….. Well, anytime wine is involved you know how girls get, needless to say, a gentleman named Patrick happened to pop up on my watch list. While Giselle cooked dinner the girls decided it would be a great idea to message this good looking gentleman and set up a coffee date for them to meet. After a few messages being exchanged the girls gave Patrick my number. The day of the coffee date arrived needless to say Giselle was working overnight shifts at the hospital and was trying to find a way out of this date. Patrick called about an hour prior to the date to confirm location and time, so Giselle couldn’t back out of the date at this point. So needless to say Giselle heads to meet Patrick at the coffee shop when she tells herself it will only be an hour at the most. Upon arrival, Giselle walks into the coffee shops and looks for Patrick and makes eye contact with a gentleman that looks NOTHING like the pictures online, at that moment she starts thinking she was catfished! Then the gentleman sitting next him stands up and walks toward Giselle, she lets out a sigh of relief it’s actually Patrick. They sat down and got a cup of coffee and sat down and talk for HOURS like 5 hours, the only reason that date had to end was because Giselle had to head into work that evening from 8 pm to 8 am. They basically told each other their life stories at that time, they hugged at the end of the date and went off in their own directions…….

The next day, Giselle phone rings around 12 pm after getting off of work at 8:30 am, she readily answers realizing its Patrick. He calls to ask her on the 2nd date that evening for dinner and movie. Giselle accepts and heads up to San Clemente from San Marcos to meet with him. The second date reassures both of them they both like each other.

How They Asked

After all these years he still gets shy when doing sweet things for me which leads me to how we got engaged. It was December 31, 2018, we had our friends over for the game night and drinks to ring in the New Year! He was going to propose as the clock struck 12 but he got a little nervous when it finally came down to that time he didn’t do it…. well all of New Year’s Day he walked around with the ring in his pocket trying to figure out when he was going to propose. After our annual festivities, we were starting our nightly routine to get ready for the next day he got down on one knee and asked me with no one but the cat to document this special moment and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!