Gisantia and Rizki

Image 1 of Gisantia and Rizki

How We Met

We met at the age of 18 in 2009. At that time, We were classmates in college but rarely speak to each other. We had our own activities and world without bothering each other’s life.

In early 2012 (two days before Gisa’s 21st birthday), Rizki greeted Gisa via chatting app and told her that he had always been interested in her since the very first semester, but never had found the chance to tell her, until he realized that this is their final year in campus and he didn’t want to regret for not saying it. Gisa was very shocked, because Rizki was the only guy in class who never make a conversation with her more than 5 minutes.

how they asked

When we begin our relationship in February 2012, We didn’t expect that this relationship will get into a big step. Not that we’re not serious about each other, but at that time we’re just college student. So young and just want to have fun. But, surprisingly we’ve been growing together, witnessed each other reaching every dream one by one. Fortunately, we’ve been making a great team and competitive partner for each other. After almost 5 years in a relationship, in July 2016, Rizki told Gisa about his dream to married as soon as possible and finally popped up the question. It was afternoon after Ramadhan at Gisa’s house. ​ “I won’t survive for 4,5 years in this relationship if I’m not serious with you. I hope you will be my wife whom I can kiss and share our thoughts about life everyday. So, Gisa, can you just say yes?” And, of course, she said yes. 24 has always been our favorite number. Not only because it’s our official date as a couple, but also Gisa’s date of birth. So, we choose 24 December 2016 as our engagement day. We both love blue so we choose “In Blue We Trust” as our theme. We’re so grateful for the fact that we’re surrounded by talented friends (make up artist, photographer, videographer, and flower cake baker) who made our dream came true.

Image 2 of Gisantia and Rizki

Special Thanks

Icha Adisty
 | Make Up Artist
Sarimin Production
 | Photographer & Videographer
Bintang's Cake
 | Flower Cake Baker