Instagram Celebs @Girlwithnojob + @Boywithnojob Get Engaged! Here's Their Adorable Love Story.

How We Met

Ben & I met in the regular way. At a party. People always think that because of the nature of our business we met online or on Instagram. But, no. We met on line for the bathroom at a party when I was 18. I let him cut me because I thought he was cute. I had seen Ben walk into the party and was perplexed because I thought I knew all the cute, jewish, single boys in New York but I guess I was wrong.

how they asked

I knew the day I met Ben that we were going to get married. We both share a sense of humor and that’s why I completely fell in love with him. We’d been dating for over three years when I got invited to a very important work event to which Ben accompanied me. I remember feeling so stressed trying to find an appropriate outfit that I was running late. I am never late! As we’re rushing through Lincoln Center trying to find the building, I hear violins playing “A Thousand Years” in front of the fountain. That’s my favorite song. I used to make Ben listen to it when we were in college. I turn around and Ben was crying and down on one knee. I finally realized what was happening. Ben was so nervous, I’d never see him shake like that.

When I said yes I jumped up and down and gave him the biggest hug. I could’ve sworn I heard a crowd cheering. We went into The Empire Hotel for dinner where, to my surprise, 100 of our closest family and friends were waiting for us. They had been watching from the roof and were cheering when I said yes.

Told you I heard cheers!

Special Thanks

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