Giovanni and Joia

How We Met

I and Joia met in 2009 through my aunt who is her friend and was her next-door neighbor at the time. I was on holiday from London and not knowing at the time that I actually grew up in the same church as Joia’s family in UK whilst Joia was also welcomed into my family in Angola through my aunt. Long story short we only found out this coincidence when we started dating.

Joia and I were on a distance relationship for a few years before we agreed that one of us had to move to the other person’s country if this relationship was somehow going to work. Joia then moved to the UK in 2015 and we have never looked back since we both always spoke about wanting to be together forever and by her moving to the UK was a major step in our lives.

In 2017 I took Joia to Santorini in Greece to have our first holiday together, I then proposed to her in the most romantic way I could think of, after all, she has been there for me through thick and thin so proposing to her in the manner that I did was only the best way to thank her for being patient and sticking by me when needed.

Since then, we have been planning our wedding in Portugal and we have also had our traditional wedding earlier this year.

Me and Joia have so many things in common in terms of how we grew up that I literally see her as the female version of me, on that note I am blessed to have someone who knows me, who understands me, who has been with me through thick and thin and through the hardest part of my life.

How They Asked

Me and my Joia had been together for a few years but had never been on a couples holiday together. I always wanted to propose to her in the most Romantic way possible because of what me and her had been through together.

I actually started planning my proposal exactly a year on the date I proposed. I looked into Santorini and loved the scene and how everything was beautiful, so I made some contacts and found Dana Vilas, the most amazing hotel in Santorini and with great staff members who not only helped me throughout the proposal, but they also kept the secret from Joia from the moment we checked in right until I proposed as it was a surprise proposal.

I planned into details what we would wear, I bought her lovely white and blue dress to match my white and blue shirt and also to match the white and blue scenery of Santorini. I also hired a singer, a team of videography and photography with the help of Dana Vilas hotel.

Giovanni's Proposal in Santorini

On the day when we walked in to the place of proposal everything just fell into place, I told Joia that we were going to a private dinner and she still had no clue that I was proposing, as we walked in, the Singer started singing Alicia Keys If I ain’t got you and I started dancing with Joia in the middle of a heart-shaped candles, as the song was finishing I started telling Joia how much I love her and how much she means to me, and the videography crew flew in the ring delivery by a drone. I then picked up the ring from the Drone and got on one knee and popped the question and she said YES.

It was such an amazing feeling when she said yes and although I knew she would, it was a very nervous moment. We are due to get married on 26.10.2019

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