Giovanna and Jacob

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How We Met

In the fall of 2012 Jacob and I became neighbors. We had ran into each other a few times and said “hi” here and there, but never exchanged names or had a real conversation. In the spring of 2013 I drove home from an evening college class and parked in front of my home as usual. A few moments after entering and getting settled in, I realized that I had parked in his usual parking spot. Later that evening, I looked out and saw that he had parked in mine.

I built up the courage to write him a note and stick it to his car. To my surprise he wrote a note back to me and put it on my car the next day. Soon after, he asked me on a date and we immediately clicked. After 4 years of dating we have grown so close and have had so many fun adventures together, one of the firsts being an amazing cruise to Alaska.

how they asked

Jacob had planned a surprise trip to California for me and wouldn’t tell me exactly where we were going. I like surprises and we’ve been to California together before, so taking up a trip there a 2nd time seemed like a nice getaway for just us two. Our first full day in California he wanted to take me up the Pacific Coast Highway, and go sight seeing along the coast. Jacob and I had so much fun riding around and exploring the area. After a few hours pass Jacob says there’s one more stop he wants to make – this beautiful park he’s heard lots about. As always I’m up for exploring, so he drove me to the Garrapata State Park.

We walked up hand in hand to this beautiful coastal view. There was a man taking pictures of his wife and son with his camera and tripod there – Jacob had told me we were meeting a guide here to show us around the park. I had never been here before and wasn’t familiar with the area so I believed him! After meeting and talking with our ‘guide’ he offered to take pictures of us then sent us to enjoy the view ourselves while he finished up taking pictures of his family.

Jacob and I went walking along the coast and it started to sink in.. I started to feel nervous and so happy all at once.. is he going to propose?! In this moment I just held on to his hand, his eyes were so happy, and I just couldn’t stop thinking of how much I love him. The photographer made his way to us to take pictures of us. After he took a few, Jacob told me to look towards the ocean to get a picture of just me, (I didn’t think much of it at all) so I did, my back facing them. After a few seconds, I turn back around and Jacob is walking up towards me and melts to one knee. I immediately gasp and I cannot stop smiling! I fell into his eyes as he poured his heart out to me.

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All I wanted to do was throw my arms around him and never let go – everything I had ever wanted and dreamed about just happened. I get to marry the love of my life!! I love you so much Jacob you have made all my dreams come true. I will never forget this day.

We’ve decided to get married in California as well. We cannot wait to begin our new lives together!

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Special Thanks

Mike Steelman
 | Photographer