Giovanna and Arthur

How We Met

We have known each other for over six years before we finally made it work. We met through a friend in common. Actually, he saw me in this friend’s profile in Orkut – yes, the old network – and sent me a simple message, as simple as just a smile, just “:)”. After I replied, feeling a little curious about this bold guy, we started talking really often, every day pretty much. We really got along and became best friends from the start. We did try something else but, perhaps, it was just not the right time.

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This happened back in 2008, when I was 17 and he, 19. We went through a lot together: college, first job, distance, other relationships, and even some fights. We saw each other dating other people, never really capable of saying goodbye and turning the page. We spent months without talking, but he was always there, present in my life, somehow. When we were finally at the same page and our timings finally met, in the end of 2014, it was pretty clear he was the one. After everything, we still had feelings for each other. So we took our chance. Which, I guess, was the best decision we ever made.

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how they asked

He proposed just 5 days ago, when we were in Venice, accomplishing one of our dreams, which was to travel to Italy. We were in the gondola, observing the hole city and, as a amateur photographer, I could not stop taking pictures. Once we reached the main way, he popped the question. He even had the perfect speech, saying he was sure he was born to love, protect and make me happy, which he obviously already do.

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I was crying my heart out and saying “I do” before he could finish his speech. Best day ever. Best feeling ever. Best person ever. I could not ask for a better partner or dream of a better proposal. We are finishing the trip and I can wait to go back home, in Brazil, and start planning our big day!

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