Giovanna and Anthony

How We Met

My family owns a restaurant and he owns a produce distribution company. For years, our families were doing business together. One random day in January of 2014, Anthony’s dad and uncle went to my dad’s restaurant to pay tribute to doing business. Little did we know, that lunch would have a lasting impact. During that lunch, my mom and grandma came out to meet them and in conversation family came up. Anthony’s dad asked if my parent’s had any children and my dad shared that he had three daughters, and Anthony’s dad mentioned he had a son. When lunch was over, his dad called him and said: “usually this is your mom telling you this kind of stuff, but you may want to look at their daughter.” Well, I received the same kind of call from my mom telling me that I should look into this boy who comes from a great family. Somehow, the universe brought us together. I added him on Facebook and shortly after received a message saying “you must be the daughter of the restaurant my dad told me about today.” And, the rest is history. Family is everything – at least to the both of us, and our entire story began because of our families.

how they asked

I love country music – it’s a huge part of my life – especially Kenny Chesney. Nashville is my dream city. I never have visited and always dreamed of going. Some girls’ dream city is something fancy like Paris, but mine was always Nashville. Growing up, Kenny Chesney was the soundtrack to my life. My family always went to his concerts and seeing him in Nashville was a bucket list concert. Anthony knew all these things. So, for our one year anniversary (four and a half years ago) he promised me that one day he would take me to Nashville, So, for my birthday this past year, he made our Nashville trip a reality. He told me we were going to go see Kenny Chesney in Nashville in August. For months we planned this trip. I would send him DMs on Instagram of all the places I wanted to go and together we planned our trip. Little did I know, he had his own plan the entire time.

Two months prior to our Nashville trip, Anthony asked my dad’s permission. He asked my dad to go to breakfast at the place my dad used to take us every Sunday growing up.

When we got to Nashville, the first day went exactly like the both of us planned. And so did the second day, until when we were getting ready to go to dinner when Anthony said he wanted to go to the bridge before dinner. Even then I had absolutely no idea that my entire life was about to change.

Even though I didn’t want to go to the bridge, I agreed to it. It was hot and I was in heels so I said we should’ve just gone to get a drink before dinner. But, Anthony insisted on getting a picture with the skyline while we were dressed up. When we got in the Uber to go to the bridge the driver even tried changing our plans and said that a certain rooftop bar was a better location for a Nashville skyline picture. Anthony was persistent and said, “no take us to the bridge.” I still had no idea.

When we got to the bridge we walked about halfway down it and then there was a spot where people were taking pictures. Anthony led me to that spot and that’s where it happened – where our forever started. The moment felt like a dream like it was a real fantasy. My emotions were all over the place. At first, I was in complete shock and then it hit me, we were engaged! At that moment, Anthony pointed out a photographer that he hired to capture every moment. We celebrated and kicked off the rest of our lives together – in a city that now holds our hearts.

It was pure magic, and a proposal I could’ve never imaged. He has always surprised me when I least expect it, and I love him for that. He’s made every dream of mine come true and it’s just the beginning.

Special Thanks

Nicholas Simpson
 | Photographer
Rachel Deeb
 | Photographer