Gino and Maria's Love Lock Marriage Proposal in Paris

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How We Met: Well we were just little kids! I (Maria) was good friends with Gino’s cousin when we were little we use to play soccer together I would say around 10 years old. Gino would come with his mom and aunt to watch our soccer games and we kind of always just knew each other but were just friends.. he was always just the younger cousin (1 year younger!) which is totally a big deal when your little! When we got older out of high school we all started hanging out together his friends and my friends, we would go out and all hang out as a group when it just oddly happened one night we kind of just kissed! & that was it! We haven’t missed one day where we haven’t talked since.. and as mushy as it sounds we still remember the date we first kissed.. October 24, 2009 our lives changed forever :)

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how they asked: “Planning a proposal doesn’t come easy, add travelling half way across the world with the ring in your carry on bag to that and it’s even harder!

We had our trip planned to Europe for about 6 months prior with plans to spend a week in France travelling around and a month meeting family in Italy. Maria had always dreamed of going to Paris to see the sights and eat the French macarons so when we planned Paris, our first stop I knew the proposal had to be included after almost 5 years together.

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The proposal planning started right away with first designing the ring and with the help of my sister in law who helped me order the lock engraved, ” Maria Luisa Will You Marry Me?” and the sentimental lock I left at home for a keepsake. Emails between Julia and I had to converse through my sister in laws email, as Maria had to access my emails to look through travel documents for our trip. Capturing the proposal was something I thought of after the planning was underway and we are so glad I had chosen to do so.

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The proposal was beautiful as it started with Julia meeting us and casually taking a few photos until I took out the lock, had Maria read it and then went on one knee.

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I caught her by complete surprise which is captured by our photos. After locking our love up at the Pont Des Arts we walked the streets of Paris and drank champagne and posed for photos all the while. Julia left us with champagne and we carried on ourselves to reach the Eiffel Tower just as the light show began.

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Our hotel was great about a 15 minute walk from The Eiffel Tower which was perfect for late night walks and wine. We ate to our hearts desire with many desserts and amazing food. We enjoyed the shopping, the kind people and the beautiful sights. We left engaged, happy, and full of amazing food, we can’t wait to return soon for one of our wedding anniversaries!

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Photos by Julia Jane Photography