Ginny and Steve

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How We Met

Steve and I met in my sophomore year of college in an accounting class in 2015. We were put into study/project groups and I was put in a group of all guys. Steve being one of them. The professor made us all exchange numbers so that we could all work together. Steve and I connected quite quickly during class. One day I noticed Steve missed class so I decided to text him to let him know what he had missed that day. And the conversations kind of continued after through text. We decided to hang out one night and talked from about 8:45 pm to almost 4 am, just couldn’t stop talking to each other. So time went on that we continued talking and hanging out. Funny though, we ended up failing that class and took the class again over the summer together. And we became even closer friends. And the next thing I know it he was asking me to be his girlfriend. And going, to be honest, wasn’t quite ready and gave my famous line of “I’m not saying yes but I’m not saying no” lol! But he never gave up, was consistent and eventually, I said yes and here we are today!

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How They Asked

On June 22, 2019, we took a trip to Disney World, our favorite place. I took a 1st class flight, which I kept telling him I was happy sitting in coach lol but he wanted to make it as special as he could. We stayed at the Contemporary Hotel with our balcony overlooking the Magic Kingdom. I had a fun-filled day of exploring the hotel and Disney Springs. Had an amazing dinner at Paddlefish and headed back to our room to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our hotel room to end off the 1st night and the beginning of an awesome trip.

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So we sat on the balcony and he then left for a moment as soon as they started (which is unlike him to miss anything that’s just about to begin) so I was confused and was like “where are going” and he said “don’t worry about it” well I started to film the fireworks as it began and he came back. And we enjoyed it for a moment and then he took my phone out of my hand and got down on one knee and he popped the question and I cried and absolutely said yes! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my prince charming!

(Little fact: he built the box the ring came in and inside it had a music box of the song “you are my sunshine” a song I always sang to him)

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