Ginny and Hampe

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Club atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, AL

How We Met

Hampe and I grew up together and graduated from the same high school. We were barely friends, but our paths crossed senior year of college when we were both home for Christmas break. After that, we started talking. Upon college graduation, I was moving to Nashville and he was staying in Birmingham, so it did not make sense to date. He kept pursuing me, and eventually we started officially dating two weeks before I moved to Nashville. After two years of long distance, I finally moved back home to Birmingham. Hampe and I both knew a long time ago we were serious and wanted a marriage built on a solid foundation of faith. We even went to a premarital camp over the summer, and learned ever more about the covenant of marriage and how it should glorify God.

how they asked

After three months of living in the same city, Hampe talked to my parents and received their blessing, then proceeded to tell them his plan. I am extremely noisy, so the fact my friends and family were able to keep it a surprise from me is a miracle. Thanksgiving week was a long one for my family, my uncle passed away that Monday, and my other uncle was rushed to the hospital on Thanksgiving day. Nonetheless, Hampe’s proposal plan for Friday night persisted. I had walking pneumonia all week, and once Friday rolled around I did not feel like doing anything. My parent’s convinced me we needed to have a family dinner Friday night before my brother and sister went back to college. Hampe just kept asking if we could go get drinks before dinner at The Club, a beautiful venue on top of Red Mountain overlooking downtown Birmingham. Hampe took me up to The Club right before sunset, which was at 4:41. We sat on a sofa by a fire and talked about our weeks, everything seemed normal. Finally after I had finished my Moscow mule, he asked if we could go look at the view before meeting my family at the table.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Club atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, AL

So at 4:41, while we were overlooking the city we grew up in, Hampe fumbled in his pocket and got down on one knee. Our families were inside photographing the entire proposal, once I put the ring on, they came sprinting out with hugs and congratulations. The Club brought out glasses of champagne and we were toasting and cheering and taking pictures. To my surprise, 20 minutes later, all of my friends from college and beyond came running out! I was crying at this point because everyone had driven to Birmingham from their prospective cities and families the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate with us. Another 20 minutes later, my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins) came running out like ants to congratulate us. After the week my family had had, we needed something to celebrate. I lost it when I saw my uncle who was in the hospital the day before show up in his wheel chair.

We were at The Club for two hours before we came back to my parent’s home, which my friends had decorated with balloons, signs, and cookies and gift baskets. We ate dinner all together with our family and friends, and the festivities continued throughout the night. It was the most perfect proposal, and I am humbled and honored Hampe chose me to be his bride. I cannot wait to marry him in 2018!

Proposal Ideas The Club atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, AL

Ginny's Proposal in The Club atop Red Mountain in Birmingham, AL