Ginger and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I met in March 13, 2009 at a party in San Clemente, CA Nothing really romantic but I knew shortly thereafter that we crossed each others path for a reason. Jake was the guy I always dreamed about being with: a laid back skateboarder. We are (almost) complete opposites who complement each other wonderfully. Jake is my rock, my best friend, and always has my back. He loves every bit of crazy that encompasses my body. We have had our ups and downs like many other couples but we are stronger and better when we are together.

how they asked

Fast forward 7 years later…. it was June 7th, 2016 and Jake asked me to meet him after work at one of our favorite restaurants: Hello Betty. I learned that Jake was waiting for me up top on the roof top. I walk up to the top and see Jake sitting down across the way. I walk up to him and he turns around and comes back with a precious French Bulldog puppy! I become completely overwhelmed with joy and happiness and asked if we are able to keep the puppy. Jake says yes, of course, and tells me he needs to ask me something. He proceeds to get down on one knee and asks me to marry him! Of course I say yes and immediately begin to cry (tears of joy). One of the happiest and most memorable days so far. Looking forward to marrying my best friend and becoming a family and starting a new journey.

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