Gina and Mike


How We Met

I met Mike, when I was fifteen. We met by complete accident and I like to think of it as fate. I grew up spending summer’s at my family’s beach house in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Every summer, my best friends and I, would waste hours bumming it on the shores of the Sound. At night, we would stroll the avenue, eat ice cream, chase boys, and lay in the sand talking about our futures.

It was like any other night, the girls and I,got all dressed up, went to the avenue, bought some ice cream, and sat on the beach waiting to meet any new renters or day trippers. This particular night, we were sitting on the bench under the flag pole. We sat down and noticed a group of boys near the shore; they looked to be around our age and so, being the young, outgoing teenage girls that we were, we called them over.

The group of boys were staying at one of their beach houses a few streets over. Come to find out, our home towns were within fifteen minutes of one another. The guys, being rebellious and young, were trying to find a lighter to light their sinful cigar. We walked around the beach with them for hours. When my curfew came around, the boys walked us home like gentlemen.


Mid-walk, we all stopped and exchange phone numbers; it was my idea. I had no interest in anyone but, Mike. I was captivated by him; he was handsome, sweet, funny, had a gorgeous smile, and was endearing. In the midst of the number exchange, my best friend, Rach, looked at me and said, “You like Mike, don’t you?” Was I being that obvious? That night, I texted Mike…little did I know that that sixteen year old boy would be my fiance almost 7 years later…It’s safe to say that I had the ultimate “high school crush” on Mike.

I laid awake at night thinking about him, texting him, and video chatting him. But, we were too young. We were too immature. We stayed friends but nothing more. For the next three years, Mike and I remained friends. We both thought that things would never work out between us; yet, we would date other people and some how always end up back in each others arms.


We were each others comfort; he was my best friend. Even though we dated other people and we were nothing more than friends, I never stopped loving him. He was the one I always went back to; the constant. When he graduated from high school, I was just finishing up junior year. Mike, was off to college ready to start a new chapter in his life. I was getting ready for senior year, focused on sports and my future. We drifted that summer.


Time flew by and not for a second did I forget about him. One day in late December, I couldn’t get him off of my mind. So, I took out my phone and texted him: “Good morning! I miss you:)”. He responded seconds later with an, “I love you.” Turns out, he never stopped thinking about me either. I never believed the saying, “everything happens for a reason” until then.


We were all in. Dating by January, I knew this was right; it was always right. We have been through it all together.


A long distance relationship, illness, death in the family, finishing college, first jobs, and life changing decisions. Through it all, we have remained strong, in love, and knowing in our hearts that we were meant to be together. Together for four years, and we some how managed to fall in love with each other more and more each day.


We adopted a cat, Boo, a dog, Buddy, and created a life for ourselves; we call it our “Perfect little family”.


how they asked

Mike, had surprised me a few weeks prior, saying that he wanted to go to my beach house for the weekend; he is an accountant and is getting his MBA, and I am currently a senior in college studying elementary education…it’s safe to say we’re both stressed.

I was so excited to get away from the busy world and escape to the quiet beach. During off-season, it’s a ghost town in Old Lyme. I just wanted to relax, sit on the beach, watch the waves, and let Buddy, our dog, explore the beach. We packed up all of our things and took the hour drive to our weekend escape.


I ran to the grocery store right when we got there; I wanted to make a nice dinner for Mike, and have a cozy night in. When we got to the house, we unpacked and began to relax. It was still early, which is why I was surprised when Mike said he wanted to go for our walk on the beach so soon. We usually relax a bit and then go.

Thinking nothing of it, I got Buddy all ready and we took the car down to the beach. It was a perfect day; the beach was empty, the air a cool but comfortable fifty six degrees, the ocean low and calm, and the sun shinning so bright. I let Buddy off leash and we began to walk. Hand in hand, we walked down the beach; taking in the quiet, the smell of the ocean, and each others company.

Mike, said he wanted to walk to the flat rocks; a flat stretch of rocks at the far end of the beach. The view was perfect: sun glimmering off the ocean, you could see Long Island Sound clear as day, and the ocean was at peace.  As we stood on the rocks, we commented on how perfect this day was. Mike’s back was to the ocean.

Just after we said how perfect the day was, I turned around to watch Buddy, he was walking so close to the edge of the rocks, and from behind me Mike said: “You know what would make it even more perfect?” I turned around to see my perfect man down on one knee, ring box in hand. My knees gave out and I was kneeling on the rocks crying. “Gina, Marie, will you marry me?” I managed to squeeze out a “yes!” between the crying and hyperventilating.


On November 12th, 2016, my best friend asked me to marry him. It was beautiful.