Gina and Matthew

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How We Met

We found each other like many millennials do-online. I had just returned to Smith College from “studying abroad” at Boston College in my junior year, and was close to giving up on my search for a soulmate. My mom told me to wait and give dating a chance, because she believed that I would find my “person” while at Smith. I thought this was ridiculous, since Smith was a women’s-college, after all. But like usual, my mom was right. Just a few days after talking with my mom, I got a message on a dating app about the baby duck in my profile picture from a goofy, cowboy-hat-wearing Matt Damon lookalike. Matt and I then met up for tea at a café in Northampton in February of 2015, and the rest was history.

How They Asked

On May 24, 2020 Matt told me he wanted to make s’mores in our new fire pit. When I couldn’t get the fire started, I went inside to read the fire pit manual while Matt tended to the fire. Little did I know that my family was waiting in the front yard for the 20+ minutes I had spent learning how to properly clean our new fire pit. When I finally went back outside, Matt told me there was a new Doctor Strange trailer out that he wanted to show me. So he pulled out his phone and the trailer began. But, this wasn’t a normal movie trailer-it was a montage of pictures of us set to music, with Matt’s voice in the background narrating our story together. My family came into the backyard and surprised me at the end of the video, and Matt got down on one knee!

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