Gina and Matt

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How We Met: Matt and I met seven years ago at Nichols College freshman year when we happened to be in the same orientation group. He definitely caught my eye at first I wasn’t sure if it was his pink polo or the fact that he was late. Over the course of freshman year we grew closer as friends and began dating the summer before sophomore year.

how they asked: Flash back to the middle of April when I am at dinner with my cousin and his wife, who is a photographer. She brings up the idea of having my boyfriend (now fiancé) Matt and I model for one of her upcoming styled shoot in the spring that is supposed to replicate an elopement.
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Of course I love the idea of having my hair and makeup done by a professional and she even said there would be a videographer. I run the idea by Matt and with a little convincing he says yes. A few months later my cousin’s wife, Anna, contacts me and says the day is set for May 24th at Wickham park in Manchester, CT. Which is only about 30 minutes from my parent’s house where we would be visiting for the weekend.

The day comes and I am excited to dress up and pretend that I would be getting married to Matt for the cameras. We arrive at the park early because Matt could not stay at the house any longer, upon arrival we see that there are beautiful gardens where we would be taking photos. While I was getting hair and make up done Anna added some personalized touches.

Almost three hours later of filming and photographs we come to the last garden where Anna has set up a beautiful gazebo and chandelier with flowers. They told me this was the last shot and I was to stand facing away from Matt under the chandelier. After taking direction all day I thought nothing of it, they then told me to slowly turn around while they filmed the shot. When I did, Matt was on one knee with a stunning ring in hand. I immediately started cry and could not believe this was happening. Turns out Matt and Anna had planned this whole day for me and the styled photo shoot was put together so we could have the moment captured forever.

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Photography by Anna Matoon
Videography by Matt Van Ness
Make-up by Kelly Hart