Gina and Jon

Jon and I Iceland

How We Met: Jon and I met at our favorite bar in college. I wasn’t planning on going out that night, but my best friend convinced me. I noticed him from across the room. At this time, I was crushing on his best friend, so I approached him and asked where his friend was. I began complaining about how his friend wouldn’t get ice cream with me, so he said “I’ll get ice cream with you”. I was sold. We ended up dancing for four hours straight and closing the bar down. The next day I sent him a text “Too cold for ice cream?”(It was the end of January). His response was “It’s never too cold for ice cream!” We dated for two and half years. When I graduated (he is two years older than me) I took a job teaching in Hawaii for three years. He stayed in New Jersey. We broke up for those three years, but the feelings never went away. When I returned home to New Jersey, we rekindled almost immediately and the rest is history.


how they asked: We were on a trip to Iceland with a group of our friends over Memorial Day Weekend. The first day we were there, we had an awesome day planned which included hiking, off roading, and glacier climbing. Our first hike was up the side of a mountain and a little more intense than expected. It seemed like everyone was racing to the top, but I was taking my time and Jon was hanging right by my side. We got to the top and one of our good friends thought that this would be a good spot for a couples picture. I love pictures, so I immediately hopped up there and was ready for my close up, when all of a sudden Jon grabbed my hand and dropped to one knee. I was stunned and speechless. It was the most incredible moment. Not to mention, our tour guide had two bottles of champagne readily available in his backpack.