Gina and Jared

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disney World’s Magical Kingdom

He knew how much Disney World meant to my mom and I. After spending nearly every October in Disney since I was a kid, it was truly our most favorite and magical place. My dad passed in 2012 but rather than avoid our favorite family vacation my mom and I kept the tradition going.

This year, Jared planned for months to make sure my mom and his family would be on the same family vacation in Disney World. That was easy considering both of our family’s are obsessed with Disney! For Christmas, Jared got my mom park hoppers and then we both decided to stay at the Animal Kindgom – my favorite resort!

We all arrived to Magic Kingdon the second day of the trip and my mom, Jared and I quickly lost sight of his family. With that, Jared decided we would ride a few rides and then meet up later on.

After our final ride, Jared said we had to meet his family on Main Street. We quickly walked over there and his family was standing around a character artist who was going to cartoon draw our faces. It wasn’t out of the ordinary because Jared had mentioned he wanted to do one.

Once the drawing was finished our entire family was surronding us as we walked over to see the finished product. The drawing wasn’t just us – it was Jared holding a ring on his knees with a “will you marry me?” on the corner.

May that moment he got down on one knee in Main Street, surrounded by strangers, and popped the question!

Proposal Ideas Disney World’s Magical Kingdom