Gina and Frank

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How we met: Frank and I met through a mutual friend who I lived with when I studied abroad in Spain. One night we were out with a group of people and ran into someone who knew my roommate and who was from New Jersey as well. After they got to talking and catching up, they were going over mutual people and families that they both knew. He asked her if she knew the DiTommaso family and at the mention of his name, Kendell immediately pulled me aside and told me it just hit her and she knew who I was going to marry. She wouldn’t say how she knew but she said she knew we would be a perfect match and that I would understand when I met him. Turns out she was right. She introduced us and we met a couple days after I came home from Spain. It turned out we lived 15 minutes away from each other at home, and our colleges were only 2 hours apart. It all worked out perfectly and now I get to marry the man of my dreams!

Here are some of our recent engagement photos!

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how they asked: Frankie knew that I hate surprises and that to pull off a surprise proposal, he was going to have to think outside the box. After being together for four years, any fancy dates or plans that he would make, I would have been slightly suspicious. I am a certified yoga instructor and he knew that he wanted to propose in a place that meant a lot to me; what better place than the yoga studio I learned to teach in?!! He reached out to my yoga teacher and had her email me and let me know a spot was open for a great motivational speaker at the studio on Friday night (they had never even met so that was the perfect person to involve).

Friday night came, and I drove over to the studio. When I walked in it seemed like I was the first one there. I heard music playing, the song All of Me and I was a little confused, but I assumed I was early and that the music was coming from the room next door. I got my notepad out and sat in the lobby waiting to see if anyone else showed up. After a couple of minutes I decided they probably began early and tip toed to the room to peek in. As I walked towards the room, the music got louder. I was very confused, so I just took my finger and slightly moved the curtain to make sure I was in the right place.

There was Frankie – on his knee – with rose petals and floating candles all around. Our sibilings were all there hiding video taping and taking pictures. I was SHOCKED. I thought I walked in on someone else’s proposal. Afterwards he had all of our closest family and friends at our favorite restaurant, waiting to celebrate with us. It was truly the most perfect moment of my life and the best proposal I could have ever dreamed of.






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Photos by We Are the Mitchells