Gina and Esteban

How We Met

I, Esteban was serving at an Indian restaurant at the time and it was particularly slow that day – this never happened before but my boss asked me about an hour into my shift if I wanted to take the rest of the day off because there wasn’t much work and had plenty of staff to help, after working back to back double shifts I immediately accpeted! I was living with my parents at the time and i thought it would be a better idea to go to the Whole Foods bar across the street to watch some college basketball than go home. That turned out to be the best decision of my life! I was talking to an older gentleman with my serving outfit on and a bag of clothes I change into after work and this beautiful, charming blonde girl ask if she can sit next to me. I’m smiling and speechless for a second while she takes a seat and I say “Yes.. yea of course.” I am drinking a blueberry sour beer and ask her if I can buy her a drink, she ask me “what are you drinking?” I tell her a sour and she says “thats my favorite type of beer!” And without hesitation she picks my sour up and trys a sip. She wants the same one I’m drinking. I completely forget about the basketball game and we are in full fledged conversation for the next few hours! The rest is history..

How They Asked

I had a BUNCH of ideas from the beginning but I ultimately went with the proposal in Telluride, CO. We went our second year of dating and returned for our third year (when j proposed) I wanted to do it the first day we were there so we can celebrate the rest of the trip – I figured I wasn’t going to be nervous since we had picked out the ring together(I hear too many stories of the fiance not absolutely loving the ring) and I made sure we got off the slopes earlier that day and take the gondola alone to the city during the sunset. We get to the gondola and there is a huge line.. we start heading up to the front and i am seeing the telluride instructor is doubling people up so they can fill the gondola up to transport as many people as possible. I panic when I see this.. i turn to the first person behind me – it was a teenage kid and I ask him “hey can I please take this ride alone..” he turns to his dad right away and ask if we can go alone. The father looks up at me with a weird face and the gondola instructor is yelling ” you two with this family lets go lets go!” The father is offended that I want to go alone and is screaming at the instructor “No they want to go alone, they don’t want to go with us so let them go alone.” The instructor isn’t having it and is insisting this family has to go on the same gondola as us. We all end up on the same gondola and it could not be more awkward. I am now deciding whether or not I should do it that day but I can’t let these people get in the way of my plans and what I came here to do. I get on one knee and propose in front of the family and we both literally black out but we both cried while the father of the family was apologizing for his behavior and congratulating us at the same time! He later said he was from NY and wanted to get his kids some food.. now it all made sense.



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