Gina and David

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I waited all year for this week… It was my first vacation with my boyfriend’s family and I was so excited to be a part of it! When we got to the lake, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. From the stars, to the mountains, the view, all while surrounded by family and laughter and so much love. My exact thoughts were, “It really can’t get any better than this…”. WELL. There we were. Saturday, June 18th, Day 2 of family vacation. My boyfriend, David told me we were going on a hike and that his brother was boating us to the mountain at 11am so I had to go hurry and get ready! We said goodbye to everyone and started our trek up the hill…. We had such an amazing time hiking up.

For most of it, we went back and forth talking about how much God has blessed our lives and our relationship. We spent time praying for our family and friends. And before I knew it, we were at the top! It was the most gorgeous view we had ever seen. Blue skies, green mountains, lake as far as our eyes could see. I was in absolute awe!!! As he stood behind me holding me, I started to tell him these exact words, “Babe, could you imagine this view on an engagement card?!” I told him that when we do get engaged, I hope it’s something as beautiful as this, something that we both enjoy doing, something where we are just ourselves. He said, “I know sweetie.”

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I smiled, and then he asked me to slow dance with him. We started dancing and then, he spun to one side…. getting on one knee…. I thought he was teasing me for my comment right before. I started yelling you’re joking!! I know YOU’RE JOKING!

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But my heart instantly dropped as he pulled out a square box out of his pocket. He wasn’t joking. I couldn’t do anything but put my face on his shoulder and cry until I realized, this was actually happening!!!

As I listened to him, I was flooded with a hundred different amazing emotions. I was most emotional just thinking about how the man in front of me, on one knee, was my future husband. The man I’ve waited my whole life for! The man that God has specifically chosen for me to love and cherish for the rest of my life!!! After a while of crying and hugging and just taking the moment in he goes, “So.. are you going to say yes already?!” I told him of course..YES!! :)

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As we were boating back to the lakehouse (still crying and shaking I might add), I saw an army of people cheering for us on the dock. As we got closer I realized, my family was there too! Ugh, he planned everything so perfectly. There we were, surrounded by our families and friends to celebrate our lives officially coming together.It was the best SECOND surprise of the day! But the surprises weren’t over yet. His sister gathered everyone in the living room for a special presentation and I watched on the TV as a slideshow of pictures began of our special moment on the mountain! Little did I know that his two best friends were already on the mountain capturing pictures of the proposal. It was surprise after surprise. He also made sure my best friend was there to celebrate the next day. He crushed it. I will never forget all the effort and planning that went into this day. I’m grateful for his brothers and sisters and parents that are now my family. They are a dream come true. It was the best day of my life. Best week of my life. It was the best proposal of all time. And it’s not just a proposal. It’s more than that. I get to build a future with the man of my dreams. I get to leave a legacy behind with my best friend. Everyday I look down at my shining ring as a reminder of how blessed I am to be in love with David.

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