Gina and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I originally met in high school during our sophomore year. Both Cody and I went away after school, Cody went off for college and worked at Horseshoe Bay Resort and then in Austin and San Antonio. I moved to Dallas when I finished college and lived there for 3 years. Fast forward several years. I had moved back from Dallas and was going back to school to get my teaching certification. One day the name Cody Blair popped into my head. I had no idea what to think, I hadn’t seen or talked to that guy since high school and we weren’t exactly in the same social circles. For weeks his name kept crossing my mind. One night I was at dinner with a friend of mine and I look up. There he was! Cody was walking around the restaurant talking to several people. I told my friend that that was the guy that I had been thinking about.

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Of course she encouraged me to go talk to him, however I was much too shy to say anything. I left it at being an odd coincidence and went on with our evening. A few weeks later, I get a friend request from Cody on Facebook. Apparently. I showed up as a random person you may know. I had just been given my first long term substitute teaching assignment as part of my internship and was excited to tell my friends about it. I didn’t have a Valentine, but I had 21 cute new little Valentine’s. At the very bottom of that post, Cody, being completely sarcastic, commented, “Well, I would have been your Valentine.” I sent him a private message to say hello, and we chatted for hours that night, he asked me to meet for coffee that next day. I was busy after school and was unable to meet for coffee, but I asked if he was free to meet for dinner. We met at Bangkok Tokyo on Friday, February 3rd, 2012 and the rest is history. On February 3rd, Cody and I will celebrate 5 years together.

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how they asked

What was supposed to be a fun weekend finalizing plans for Lexie and B’s wedding and celebrating Cody’s birthday turned out to be so much more. We had dinner at Wendell’s inside the Inn of the Mountain Gods so that we could hear Tomás play. Our table overlooked the serene lake right at sunset. Diana, our waitress, was friendly and told us how magical the restaurant was. Our dinner was fantastic.

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When it was time for dessert, Diana brought me the dessert menu and told me that the lady to the far left gets to order dessert. She placed the menu on the table in front of me. When I opened the menu the ring was sitting inside the menu. It took me several moments to register what was going on. By this time Tomás is now sitting beside me and serenading me “She’s A Lady” by the Loving Spoonful.

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Cody has this huge grin on his face, Lexie and Amanda were both taking pictures and I’m giggling and crying at the same time. After we finally ordered dessert we took pictures together. The next day for Cody’s birthday we had gone to Sacred Grounds Cafe for a jazz brunch, then wine tastings, sight seeing and menu sampling. I will never forget this weekend!

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Special Thanks

Lexie Roblez
 | Planning