Gina and Coby

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How We Met

We are actually high school sweethearts! We met and fell in love in 8th grade! No joke, our teachers name was Mrs. Love! I was very quite and studious in school and Coby was the classic class clown, very disruptive. Mrs. Love couldn’t find anyone in the class that he wouldn’t talk to, so she finally moved him to the seat next to me! I was devastated! I started to freak out knowing he was going to distract me during the whole class! Well, Coby didn’t talk a lot to me because he knew I was trying to pay attention so he would just stare at me or ask if he could borrow a pencil, which he would never give them back! It was the worst. One day I finally caught him staring at me and our eyes locked! In the most awkward moment staring into his dark brown eyes and that little smirk I thought to my self…hmm, he is pretty cute…and then all of a sudden butterflies came out of no where and I realized I had feelings for the little stinker! Not how I envisioned my first love but little did I know he would be my only love! We started dating that summer and have been together ever since! We are coming up on our 8th anniversary!

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how they asked

So I knew in the back of my mind that it was coming soon. I really really wanted it to be surprised but I knew it would be hard for him and my family plan it without me knowing. A few weeks before we actually booked our wedding venue. I called Sierra Vista out of curiosity and the only day that had left was the day I wanted! I freaked out and set up an appointment to go see the venue! We fell in love! Sierra Vista is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! So we booked it! His mom wasn’t with us but she wanted to see it so we told her we would go back with her in a few weeks. We set up another time for a little tour and decided we would take his mom and our grandmothers and our closet friends to see the it. It was a Sunday after church, which was smart because my family knew I would dress nice.

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On our way there my mom told me that they had a tour going on and that we needed to be quite and meet her in the barn where the reception would be.

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So we pulled in and we walked in the side door. Coby grabbed my had and when he opened the door I saw candles and rose petals everywhere! I thought omg someone is getting married and we were crashing it!

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But then I read the sign and thought holy crap…is this for me? And he said Gina, you’re my best friend…and that’s all I heard!

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My head started spinning and I saw all of my family and photographers hiding and snapping pictures! I felt like I was in a fairy tale! All of my dreams had come true! I couldn’t of pictured a more beautiful engagement! It was so breathtaking! I still blush when I think about it. He did so good and when he pulled out the ring my heart skipped a beat! A moment I had dreamed about for years! With tears streaming down my face I said yes! Yes to forever with my best friend!

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Special Thanks

Megan Vaughan
 | Set up/photos
Susan Cambeletta (mom)
 | Set up
Amanda Crosswhite (cousin)
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