Gina and Christopher

Image 1 of Gina and Christopher

How We Met

I was on vacation visiting friends in Chicago and met him at a local pizza joint called Parlor Pizza during the Chicago Cubs play offs. We met through mutual friends and did not hit it off at first but by the time I left that weekend, we definitely had established a connection. I flew back down to Florida, where I live and we spoke for about a month on the phone. He flew down December of 2016 and took me in a date and from then on out we were together. We traveled back and forth for over a a year and he moved to Florida July 2018.

How They Asked

The same weekend we met three years prior in Chicago, he decided to plan a day in Palm Beach. We went to The Breakers for lunch and during lunch he asked what we should do and started naming location spots. He asked what the Flagler museum was and I told him I’d always wanted to go. He knows me well because we went and little did i know he had a photographer waiting, hiding behind a building. He said let me take your picture- so i walked out and when i turned around he was on his knee.