Gina and Austin

How We Met

When going to college, I decided that I wanted to pot-luck my dorm-mates. This meant that full of hope for new beginnings, I had to go online and choose from a huge list of available rooms. I always planned to just choose the first on the list, but something that day made me decide I’d close my eyes, scroll the mouse pad and then click at random, and those would be my future roommates. Happenstance.

Austin was a close friend of those dorm mates and we were introduced through them. He was my best friend for the most influential year of my life. As friends, we stayed up all through the night every weekend, walking and talking long after the rest of our friends had submitted to sleep, and then falling asleep innocently and comfortably beside one another.

One night, on one of our usual walks, we drunkenly hopped the fence to the closed campus pool. It was 4 am and freezing outside, so we had to sprint back to his dorm, frigid and giggling the whole way!

When we got inside, he gave me dry clothes to change into. Our friends had fallen asleep in the beds so we had to snuggle under a heap of blankets on the floor. I remember we were both sharing through the shivers for an hour, still cold from the pool, until we fell silent and close to sleep, and he kissed me, and I was warm. ?

How They Asked

Austin and I are travelers. On our latest adventure, we chose Washington and spent our second day there hiking through the forest, crossing rivers and climbing mountains at Mt. Rainier National Park. I love taking scenic photos, so every vacation, we spend a few minutes setting our camera up and posing in front of it.

Gina's Proposal in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

Where to Propose in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

Before we turned around to descend back to our cars and end the day, Austin suggested heading back to our favorite viewpoint of the day to take it in one last time. We set up the camera as usual, and this is when he proposed. On a mountaintop, not a soul around but us. I cried, and dropped to my knees… and may have said a few profanities! It was perfect.

Proposal Ideas Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

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