Gina and Anthony

How We Met

Anthony and I knew each other in high school but absolutely hated one another! He used to call me Brett Favre down the halls. Brett Favre was on the wrangler jean commercials at the time and apparently I wore baggy Abercrombie Jeans (my jeans were cute). So to start off I wouldn’t say we really loved one another. We even were stuck sitting next to each other for our senior class picture. We didn’t seem too thrilled about it. Fast forward a few years after high school: Our really good friend Mike Sena had an ugly sweater party (December 23rd, 2010). I didn’t get the memo that it had to be a Holiday sweater. Instead, I wore my moms ugly Mexican Sweater to the party. When I walked into the party Anthony came up to me immediately and said “that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen please take my sweatshirt.” The rest of the night I wore his sweat shirt. After a few drinks I grabbed his phone and plugged in my number (aggressive I know). The next morning (CHRISTMAS EVE) I get a text from Anthony. We talked the entire day/night and then he finally came over on CHRISTMAS DAY. Weird. We ended up having our first kiss on Christmas in my parents living room. After that, Anthony traveled to my school/apartment every weekend for months. I shared a room at the time with my roommate Alex. After three months of “talking” in the middle of the night Anthony woke me up and said “I love you” for the first time. All I could hear was my roommate Alex giggling as I said “thank you”. I think I was in such shock I didn’t know what to say.

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how they asked

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 Anthony woke up that morning and said lets go to breakfast (I never say no to food). He “pretended” to go the wrong way and we ended up passing Mike Senas house. Mikes house is where we first started talking. Unfortunately, Mike passed away in October. I thought Anthony was having a moment as he drove slowly passed the house. Not going to lie it was a little emotional. We both stayed quiet and then went to breakfast. At breakfast we decided we wanted to do something outdoorsy. Anthony picked the Avalon park and preserve in Stony Brook, NY. We headed out right after breakfast. The park is gorgeous. When we finally reached the water I said “this would have been the perfect spot to propose” jokingly of course (I know, I know – I wasn’t thinking). He laughed and goes “yeah yeah”. About twenty minutes later he said “I think this is a better spot” he got down on one knee and had the most amazing speech. He told me that this morning he drove past Mikes house because he wanted it to be apart of our day. If it wasn’t for our friend Mike there would be no way we would be together. He had an entire list of how I make his life better. He talked about our future and how he couldn’t wait to spend his life with me. It was perfect!

Gina's Proposal in Avalon Park & Preserve, Stony Brook, NY