Gillian and Robert's Amazing Notting Hill Proposal Video

As we were visiting London for the first time, I was adamant I wanted to visit Notting Hill as I love the film with Hugh Grant! Robert told me he had booked a tour to visit all of the places where the film was shot so I was really excited. We spent the morning wondering around Notting Hill and taking photos of all the the places that were featured in the movie.

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But then Robert suggested me jump in a taxi as he had heard of a pub which was Hugh Grants favorite and he wanted to check it out. I didn’t think anything of it at the time and jumped into a taxi with him.

When we arrived at the pub, Robert told them who we were and we were taken upstairs by a door. Robert looked at me and told me to open the door.

Inside the room had been completely decorated with scenes from the Film! There was even the Notting Hill Movie Poster which had been changed to have Roberts and my face on, in place of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant!

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There were also photos of Robert and I hanging from the ceiling and love quotes from the film dotted around the room. It looked beautiful.

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Awesome Proposal Ideas_12-1024x682But the best bit was still to come. I noticed there was a large table with pieces on car on it. Next to it was a message to me, telling m me to turn them over. As I did I was overwhelmed. Each piece of card had a photo of Robert holding up a letter. As I turned and turned there were other people in the pictures too – my dad and Robert shaking hands holding the letter “M” and my sister holding the Letter “Y”.

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It was only as I got to the end of the card that I realized what they were saying “Will you Marry Me?”

Robert then got on one knee and of course I said YES! (You can watch the video to see my reaction below!)

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I couldn’t understand how Robert had arranged all of this himself when we lived the other side of the world, so he explained that he had got The Proposers to help. The Proposers are two girls (Tiffany and Daisy) who help plan marriage proposals! They had chatted to Robert every day in the run up to the proposal and helped him come up with my amazing proposal idea.

Proposal Planners: The Proposers