Gillian and Manny

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How We Met

My fiancé and I met through work. I was working for a corporate bank, as a teller, and was transitioning to another branch for a promotion, where my new boss was supposedly quite a piece of eye candy. I remember thinking that I wasn’t going to give this man the time of day, and of course would keep my work-relationship professional. When I saw him, I understood what everyone was talking about. The way he carried himself, spoke with people, made everyone laugh…it was very attractive. People saw our connection before I think we realized it ourselves. But he was my boss! I remember telling everyone, “Nothing would EVER happen”. We worked together for a year, but it didn’t take that long for everyone to start saying we would be perfect together. The longer I worked with him, the more my crush grew, but I kept my personal promise and kept it professional…until I gave my 2 weeks. I was transitioning to go back to school to get my post-baccalaureate degree, and eventually my masters, and left LA to move to the OC. I remember telling my boss (now my fiancé) that I put in my notice and the next day I received a text from him to hang out. We came from completely different backgrounds, grew up on different sides of the tracks, and were raised in completely different cultures, but nothing could come between us. Even when some people said “don’t get serious”, “things will be too hard”, or “it won’t work out”, we have continued to lean on each other, hand in hand. Our love has only gotten stronger every day, and I have learned to never say never.

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how they asked

5 years later…I had just graduated from my master’s program, nailed down my first job as an SLP, and was excited for a celebratory Europe trip with my love. We had planned it for the last year and chose Ireland because it is where my family is from. Manny wanted to learn more about my family’s culture, and I wanted to visit places in Ireland I hadn’t seen before, including the Cliffs of Moher. It was the one thing on my bucket list. We woke up and it was the perfect day – no rain, and the air was calm. Manny had told me we were going to walk from the visitors center to Doolin, a town about a 4 mile walk away. Little did I know, the plan was never to get to Doolin, but get far enough away from the tourists where he could propose. We took our time, walking and taking millions of pictures. It was a very romantic setting, and we couldn’t help but kiss along the way.

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While on our walk, the crowds dwindled to a few hikers, and eventually, it was just the two of us. Manny was filming (which he had been doing the entire trip), when he caught his foot on the trail, tripped, and sprained his ankle. He was okay, but we decided to sit down and take a rest. We were right at the farthest cliff point with a breathtaking view. We sat there for quite some time, reminiscing over the past few years, and soaking in our vacation. Manny set up his tripod and gimbal (which stabilizes videos). He asked me to stand at the edge to take a picture. He came over to take one with me, turned, kissed me and said, “Want me to make this more perfect?” and got down on one knee.

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That’s when the moment hit me, and I couldn’t have been happier. FINALLY, I was thinking!! He said my full name and asked me to marry him. I was so excited and full of emotions that I didn’t even say yes, I just jumped on him. He put the gorgeous, perfect ring on my finger, and said, “You said yes right?!” I laughed, and said “YES YES YES!”

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